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Just reporting in that the EG162 or EG162G modem works also. It's the standard modem given with Orange and MTN mobile internet keys (sticks, modems) in Cameroon. 

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Hey, Tobias!

Welcome - nice to have you here. =)

You'll need to take the SIM out of the modem and put it into a regular phone, then use the phone menu (usually it's in "Security" or something similar) to turn off the PIN request. Depending on the phone you use, you might want to check for instructions online.

I think Alex, one of our devs, has added some new code in the next release to help detect and/or fix this problem.

You might also wanna check the "Troubleshooting" section in the "Help" files for other possible problems in case it's not the PIN. (Macs, by the way, can be tricky - might be worth trying a PC first).

Let us know how you get on! (And really pleased you got to meet Laura). \o/

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the tip!

Removing the password worked - I have \o/ now working on my Windows XP machine. It does not get recognized now on the OSX machine, though it did initially. Go figure.

Here are the instructions for turning off SIM passwords on android phones:

I'm glad Alex is working to fix this issue - it's actually important to have a password on the sim card for security reasons, and \o/ should just prompt for it like phones and other programs do.



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