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Hi Everyone,

I'm Adam the new Intern at FrontlineSMS. One of the most difficult issues (that has come up all over the forum) is around finding the right phones and modems that work with FrontlineSMS. As a very small development team with a limited budget it is difficult to get our hands on as many phones as we would like to test. One of my first jobs here at FrontlineSMS has been to update and collect the list of phones that have been tested and discussed throughout Ning. 

As we continue to expand our list of phones we wanted to share the list we have collected so far and so I have been keeping all of the information in a Google doc. Feel free to view it here, but keep in mind it is a work in progress. I have been conservative and have only included verified or expected connections. Essentially the phones on this list may work with other OS, even though they have not been tested.

This main page of phones is here: FrontlineSMS PhoneList
And you can see the full data set that powers this spreadsheet here.

Throughout the summer I want to keep updating and improving this list. To include all of the phones and modems that work, we really need your help. You, our users, have tested lots of phones in lots of different configurations and so we would like to compile that information here.

If you have a phone or modem that you have used in the field that isn't on our list please respond to this group. Let us know what OS you are using, what you used to connect the phone, any problems you encountered. With your help we can help to compile a growing list of phones 



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OS: Windows XP 32 bit
FLSMS version 1.6.12
Phone: Nokia 5130 Express Music

Is detected but doesn't connect. Apparently the phone is Symbian-based and therefore unsupported
Thanks John--

I'll be putting more notes into the phone list soon -- we are trying to develop a more dynamic interface to address the more detailed information -- and just collecting the information in google docs for the moment. Hoping to include all tests in the next list.

my w200i won't, It says: Failed to Connect: NoPduSupportException: null.
I'm running FLSMS 1.6.12 on windows 7.
How could this happen?
Is there a solution on this?
I haven't install the driver of my w200i. Should I do that first?

Does the "i" on the end mean it is a Symbian based phone - if so, it won't work at all. But if it isn't then I would definitely try installing the drivers first. If that doesn't work, try installing any software that came with your phone too and see if you can text using that.
Thanks, John.

You're right. If there's no driver installed for the phone then the computer won't know it's there, and if the computer doesn't know it's there (and how to handle it) then FrontlineSMS won't either. All phone connection issues are covered in the "Troubleshooting" section of the "Help" files, where it also suggests checking if drivers are installed.

Elson - If you still have problems can you start a new Forum topic and we can continue from there? We need to keep this one on-topic.



I am using Huawei E1750 modem in Kenya with Windows 7 and FrontlineSMS version 1.6.14. The phones we are using are Nokia 2730, and we transferred the program using Bluetooth but can also use a USB cord.

OS: ubuntu 10.04 (x86_64)
Modem: sony ericsson K800i and Huawei e1552
FLSMS Version: 1.6.14
Status: Fully tested and working properly. Be sure to download the updated rxtxserial file and replace the old file in the installer before running FLSMS

OS and Modem Compatibility:
Sony Ericsson automatically detected by ubuntu.
Huawei e1552 can automatically detected by ubuntu but you need to install usb-modeswitch
Anyone tried to use the Sony Ericsson T715 (I got it through Vodafone Italy) ?
Does it work?

As my two other phones are even more advanced than my Sony Ericsson T715, I probably will have to buy another basic cellphone.

Wondering, has anyone made an assessment which phones are best to use with FrontlineSMS? I need an advice for a cellphone I can still easily buy in Italy!

I printed the list of tested phones, and I guess that's the list I bring to a big shop, right?

Thanks, Peter
Hi Peter

As per the details on the website, we recommend GSM modems over phones. You can buy these almost anywhere online, and in many shops. There are a few we know work - they *all* should in theory - listed on the website here.

Hope that helps!

Hi Ken!

At the FrontlineSMS PhoneList file I've found string "Huawei E1550 no no X 12 Huawei E1550"

Tested by me under Windows.
Can someone tell mewhy I am having problem accessing forms on my Nokia E90. after recieving the message that I have a form from the server I always will not be able to upload the form. It will send a message to the server and ask me to wait for the form which will never come.

I have contacted Laura and she advised that I post it for contributions form members of the community.

Thanks and regards

S.J Simon

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