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Hi Everyone,

I'm Adam the new Intern at FrontlineSMS. One of the most difficult issues (that has come up all over the forum) is around finding the right phones and modems that work with FrontlineSMS. As a very small development team with a limited budget it is difficult to get our hands on as many phones as we would like to test. One of my first jobs here at FrontlineSMS has been to update and collect the list of phones that have been tested and discussed throughout Ning. 

As we continue to expand our list of phones we wanted to share the list we have collected so far and so I have been keeping all of the information in a Google doc. Feel free to view it here, but keep in mind it is a work in progress. I have been conservative and have only included verified or expected connections. Essentially the phones on this list may work with other OS, even though they have not been tested.

This main page of phones is here: FrontlineSMS PhoneList
And you can see the full data set that powers this spreadsheet here.

Throughout the summer I want to keep updating and improving this list. To include all of the phones and modems that work, we really need your help. You, our users, have tested lots of phones in lots of different configurations and so we would like to compile that information here.

If you have a phone or modem that you have used in the field that isn't on our list please respond to this group. Let us know what OS you are using, what you used to connect the phone, any problems you encountered. With your help we can help to compile a growing list of phones 



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Thanks, Laura. The SIM isn't locked - it works perfectly with the Motorola PEBLU6. Will keep trying, though.


Do you know if anyone has managed to get the E1550 working on a Mac? I've tested the device as well on a MacBook Pro, and FLSMS gives me the error message "FrontlineSMS was unable to connect to an SMS device."




Just to check - if you Apple-I on the application in Finder, is the 'Open in 32-bit' option checked?


I've private-messaged you too!



Hi Laura -


"Open in 32-bit" isn't one of the options available when I Apple+i on the Mobile Partner application icon in Finder - only "Open in Rosetta". Wonder if I have the correct version of the application?


Responding to your private message now.




Sorry, I meant FrontlineSMS!


Laura - That worked, as in FrontlineSMS recognised the modem. Still hangs on "Detected", however, and the Mac version of the Mobile Partner application is also giving me the "No SIM card" error.



OS Windows XP

Failed modems Huawei T11 phone, HTC Desire, Nokia 7230, Nokia 6303


Hard to find the right phones in Ethiopia

Hi Bernard,

Thanks very much for the information about your device testing, Bernard. We are now keeping track of device tests done by users here: so I will add your reports to the list. Meanwhile, I hope Pablo Destefani's recent advice helps you with setting up successfully. Please keep us posted on how you get on and let us know if we can be of any help.

Best Wishes


OS:  Mac OS X v.10.6.8

Modem:  Huawei E173 unlocked

SIM Card:  AT&T (US)

FLSMS Version:


Note that this is with the caveat that I had to do some sysadmin to get FLSMS to connect to my modem.  See my post here.

Thanks again for sharing with the community, Stuart! \o/

OS: Mac OS X 10.7.2

"working device" Modems: Airtel Huawei E153 & Vodafone ZTE K3571-Z


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