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Hi Everyone,

I'm Adam the new Intern at FrontlineSMS. One of the most difficult issues (that has come up all over the forum) is around finding the right phones and modems that work with FrontlineSMS. As a very small development team with a limited budget it is difficult to get our hands on as many phones as we would like to test. One of my first jobs here at FrontlineSMS has been to update and collect the list of phones that have been tested and discussed throughout Ning. 

As we continue to expand our list of phones we wanted to share the list we have collected so far and so I have been keeping all of the information in a Google doc. Feel free to view it here, but keep in mind it is a work in progress. I have been conservative and have only included verified or expected connections. Essentially the phones on this list may work with other OS, even though they have not been tested.

This main page of phones is here: FrontlineSMS PhoneList
And you can see the full data set that powers this spreadsheet here.

Throughout the summer I want to keep updating and improving this list. To include all of the phones and modems that work, we really need your help. You, our users, have tested lots of phones in lots of different configurations and so we would like to compile that information here.

If you have a phone or modem that you have used in the field that isn't on our list please respond to this group. Let us know what OS you are using, what you used to connect the phone, any problems you encountered. With your help we can help to compile a growing list of phones 



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Can someone tell mewhy I am having problem accessing forms on my Nokia E90. after recieving the message that I have a form from the server I always will not be able to upload the form. It will send a message to the server and ask me to wait for the form which will never come.

I have contacted Laura and she advised that I post it for contributions form members of the community.

Thanks and regards

S.J Simon

could you describe exactly the steps you're going through to have this issue?
Also make sure the contact who should receive the form is still in the group attached to the form.

In the meantime, can you open another thread, or continue this conversation in a related discussion, instead of this general post?

Hi everyone

Adam and Ken have done sterling work in the last few days on our Requirements Page, so check it out - and watch this space for a new and more responsive reporting mechanism for handsets and modems!

OS: Windows XP/Vista
Modem: Huawei e1552
FLSMS Version: 1.6.14

Works fine.
Hey there!

OS: Windows 7

Phone: Nokia 8800e-1 (Nokia Carbon Arte)

couldn't connect because of some kind of error!


OS: Windows 7

Phone: Sony Ericson G900

Works fine, but it doesn't the messages it loads to FLSMS!
Hi again everyone,

Thanks very much for your help in sharing your test results. After seeing all of these results we wanted to build a more robust system to keep track of all of the tests that would be a bit more dynamic, accessible and easier to use. We will be releasing a more complete database of devices over the next few weeks -- keep an eye on the blog for the realease.

In the meantime, what we have learned is that there are a lot of variations of the 'tests' and so we wanted to create a simpler, but more complete, form that would interface with the new system. If you have posted in this forum we have included your tests, but if you keep using new devices, please tell us about it here:

This google form is a simple way to submit your information and we will then follow up and put it into our database. It will allow us to help people find the devices and phones that work best, and the specific countries and set-ups used to get it working. Good luck and thanks again. \o/
Adam and the FrontlineSMS team...

Can you just make the spreadsheet results of this form public?
Thanks so much Adam for the direction - this is essential research that I needed this week.
I have an At&T modem "almost" working. IT sends, Just does not receive yet. Hope this will help.

If anyone has comments to get the modem to see incoming texts, I would certainly appreciate the help.

Hi Adam,

Your info on phone compatible with FrongLine SMS has been of great use. I could not find a GSM modem in India, so preferred GSM phones. But the list you have mentioned are very old phones which are almost extinct in local phone market, India.

Nokia phones compatible with FLSMS are Symbian 40 2nd Edition, and S40 3rd Edition are half compatible (Might have trouble with Specific Features).

It would be great if someone in the forum help me how to test a phone compatibility with FLSMS.

Is there anywhere where next version of FLSMS could be made compatible with most GSM phones like LOGIX MOBILE.
Hi Ananth

There's no doubt that you can get GSM modems in India, but maybe not the ones we listed. Do you have eBay there, or something similar, you could try? Huawei are almost everywhere these days. Else, the USB 'dongles' which plug into your computer which allow you to surf the web and do emails on-the-go usually work (they are, in fact, GSM modems), so if you could borrow one of those to try, that should solve your problem.

You can, of course, send messages using Clickatell or IntelliSMS within FrontlineSMS, or receive MMS messages, without needing to attach a device to your computer (you just need to be connected to the Internet to do this). This might be useful assuming you don't want to actually receive SMS, but just send.

Hope that helps.


Hello I´m a new frontliner 


I´m in Argentina (south america) working. I just wanted to add that the same occurs here.

Its very difficult to find the phones as they are models from 2005.  


The official vendors dont offer them anymore I´m looking at ebay simil sites (mercadolibre)


I´m fluent in both english-spanish if you need me 


Best regards




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