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Hi, I've been able to successfully connect FLSMS to my gmail account using the following settings:



account password [use SSL]


the connection is showing in the Phones tab and it is polling the gmail account every 10 seconds.


the MMS messages are showing in gmail as attachments but FLSMS does not seem to be getting them.



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Okay, just sent a third test message. Now I'm seeing a message in the Messages tab.  


However, I am getting an "Unexpected Error" message when trying to open it.  I've sent logs <gordon gow> <>.


Hi Gordon,


Have you read the messages which are not being picked in another email client (e.g. via the gmail website?)


As for the unexpected error, it looks like this may be a bug in the way the MMS module is set up which will occur on Windows XP.  To test this, you could add a file called frontlinesms.ini to your FrontlineSMS directory in Program Files with the following content:



This will switch your FrontlineSMS to read settings and database from a different location to the current one, so you will not be able to see your current contacts, messages etc. unless you copy over the relevant files.  I can talk you through this if you are interested.



Hi Gordon!


To catch up MMS from your gmail account you should use, not



account password [use SSL]


P.S. You should use for sending emails

tried that! I can't seem to get it to work either. Mine has the issue of bouncing from "Ready" to "Failed to Disconnect" every 2-4 minutes. Any experience/thoughts on this?




Hi Aashika


I assume you have an active internet connection there? MMS is slightly different to SMS in FrontlineSMS in that it needs to be able to connect to the web. Check if your Internet connection is working on the machine running FrontlineSMS, perhaps by trying to log onto the Gmail account you're using (you could also check to see if there are any MMS messages in there for FrontlineSMS to pick up).


The section on MMS in the "Help" files might also be worth a read if you haven't already.


Let us know if this is of any help.



Yeap, I think that's all it is. Our internet has been spotty all day. It was a pretty fool-proof set up though. Way to go FLSMS \o/!

Hi! Trying to link an email to FrontlineSMS version 2. Is it still possible to link to an email to receive mms messages in this version? 


Hey Becky

That feature is not yet built in FrontlineSMS v2 - it is in v1 though.

Hope that helps,

Best wishes


pls help

i have connected my gmail using mms keyword. however, the message received is not complete and showing in frlsms with quotation. see attached


Hi Azubuike,

Try double-clicking on one of the messages.

Let me know if that helps,

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