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Problems using GSM gateway service in US (United States) with FLSMS in

I signed up for a clickatell account and I can get the system to respond all the way to clickatell, but get an error when it gets to their system. The tech said that the US requires two way messaging and that it would need to be set-up as two-way in frontline SMS. How do I do this or is this possible?

I also already have frontline SMS working using my Huawei E1750 GSM modem, and a SIM card from T-mobile. It works ok, but I would like to send and receive faster. Also, sometimes the modem disconnects or doesn't send and I have to reset the modem or restart frontline sms. This is a problem because I am trying to automate the sending and receiving responses using several key words.

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Hi William,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. You should be able to synch FrontlineSMS to send outgoing messages through Clickatell, and then any incoming would need to be diverted through the modem you have connected to our software. You can read more about this in our help files: I hope this is helpful, but please ask if you need further information.

I'm sorry to hear that you have had problems with your modem disconnecting. I wonder, is there any common warning signs when this tends to happen? Are you keeping the software running for long periods of time?

All the Best


Flo (such a great name),

Thank you for your quick reply. I was told by Clickatell that due to US regulations, people have to have the ability to reply directly to messages they receive, thus they only offer two-way SMS for the US (they said this is not the case outside the US). Their system will not work in the US unless the API i am using allows for two-way messaging through clickatell.

It doesnt seem like the setup options for clickatell allow for this, but it does seem to be an option for intelliSMS. Is this true? online SMS would be ideal for my project. I chose clickatell because they seem to be almost a forth the price of intelliSMS.

My modem connection has been better. I need to leave it on all the time. I changed some of the settings on my MAC and it seems to have helped.

Hi William

Thanks for your kind reply (and your compliment on my name, too!). I'm just double checking this with our developer team, and we will get back to you with further information as soon as possible.

Many thanks


Hi William

I've now had the chance to speak with our developer team about this, and I've found that we don't offer 2-way with Clickatell unfortunately. With IntelliSMS, you can send outgoing messages and it can also be configured to receive messages, but only into an email account rather than directly into FrontlineSMS.

I hope this information is helpful, but sorry if its not ideal for meeting your needs. On the plus side, great to hear that your modem is working better now! If you have any tips on settings changes which you think would be helpful for other users please feel free to share here, and we'll add them to the 'Tips and Tricks' in our FAQ.

Meanwhile, please let us know if you have further questions we can help with / you need further info.



Hi William,

Just to add to the above / clarify - IntelliSMS actually does let you receive SMS into FrontlineSMS, its just that IntelliSMS forwards the SMS via an email address, and FrontlineSMS then reads that email account. (So, your experience of receiving messages via IntelliSMS actually wouldn't be any different to that of receiving SMS via a modem plugged into their computer).

I hope this is helpful, and sorry if this was unclear from my previous answer above!



Thank you! that is very helpful and great news. I did think that intellisms had the same limitation as clickatell. I'll give intellisms a try.

Hi William,

Great to hear this information was helpful - do let us know how you get along, and if you need any further help.

All the Best


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