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Problems with connecting with Nokia E72-1 and USB Modem ZTE AC2726

Hey everyone,

we are trying to set up FLSMS to get messages from a Nokia E72-1 or a USB Modem ZTE AC2726.


The computer detects both devices, and FLSMS too, but then fails to connect with them.


Both devices are not in any of the lists provided here (working devices or not working devices), we tried to restart the computer, change the SIM card, shout down all software running on the pc.  Anyone can help?





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Hi Anahi


I'm not sure if you're still working on this installation or have another ready now, but there are one or two things you can try. I'm guessing you've worked through the "Troubleshooting" section of the "Help" files? As a couple of alternatives, I'd leave the Nokia disconnected and try to work with the modem. Does the modem have a PIN code set? You can check by running the software which came with it - and if it does use that software to remove the PIN (you could also use it to send a test message to make sure it's all working with the manufacturer supplied tools). After that, make sure you shut the software down (and make sure it's not running in the background) before re-starting FrontlineSMS.


Let us know how you get on with this!

Het Ben, thanks!!

So I got a phone and a sim card in my place here in DC an set everything up.

To test it I had someone from Sudan sending me ad SMS (the platform is for Sudan) and someone from the US. Here the weirdness started: I got the message from the US getting into FLSMS but never getting into Ushahidi, and the message from Sudan arriving to Ushahidi but not visible in FLSMS. After this first test all the other tests failed: messages from Sudan just don't arrive, and the ones form the US get stock into FLSMS. This is the weirdest thing ever, I have no idea what the hell is going on..:(


Now I am trying to re do everything from the beginning and see what happen, do you have any idea of what this may be? I thought it could have been something related to the country code..but dunno what exactly.





Everything worked for the first SMS..just the first one!! Crazy hu? After that one, no SMS

Hi Anahi


Can you receive SMS from a US number? I'm wondering if this is a problem with international SMS (which can be notoriously unreliable). Either way, the weekend demonstrations are over now so I don't know if you're still looking to do this. Let us know if you are!



Hey ben,

thanks for the reply!. It was a problem of the provider apparently: I changed the SIM card and now it works. We also manage to get a modem in Sudan so we will also have a local number. Demonstrations were going on today too and will resume on Thursday, so we will keep the service on and see it they need it.


Thanks again!




Great to hear! And glad the problem wasn't FrontlineSMS. =)

Let us know how it all goes.


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