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I am an engineering student at the University of Sydney currently writting a report concerning communications. I am designing a system along with three of my colleagues that attempts to solve the communications problems existing in the An Minh district, Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

I need more information about Frontline SMS concerning speeds of transmission and reception of SMS messages and whether it takes longer for people living far away from the SMS transmission location. If you can estimate the time it would take to send one SMS message to 10,000 mobile phones within the An Minh district it would also be helpful. Any other similar information would also be appreciated,



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Hi Ali,

Thanks for your post. The speed it takes to send and receive messages can vary depending on the strength of the mobile signal in the area you are sending SMS and the device you have connected to FrontlineSMS among other factors. As outlined in our Frequently Asked Questionshere, the average send-receive speed is around 6-8 SMS per minute when using a modem with FrontlineSMS.

I hope this proves helpful, but if you need further information feel free to ask.

Thanks and Best Wishes


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