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Re complile software with preloaded db and additional logo

Dear community, I'm on the verge of launching a social innovation using SMS as a reporting tool for bullying in schools.

Can anyone help me to

Recomplile Frontline SMS or teach me how to do so. I have tried but software dev is not my thing :^)

I need to make it available with 8 different databases. Each will be preloaded with information and keywords with service information for each Australian State/Territory.
I would also like to add a small logo to the main screen.

I 'll be ready to do this in 3 weeks.

I will provide the databases, the logo image and an extended help file.

If anyone wants to replicate this in their home country I'd be happy to help you replicate and use my domain with a sub domain. e.g

Any questions feel free to connect,



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Hi Brendan

Good luck with this - sounds very interesting! If you have no joy through the forum, let me know and we can try to connect you with some techie-types who might be able to help. In terms of adding your own logo, in the next version of FrontlineSMS (user testing is starting this week, so the final release should hopefully be out next week, all things being equal) you can replace the main "FrontlineSMS" logo on the "Home" screen, so this has already been resolved for you. Looking at your three week timeframe though, and the Christmas break, it might be tight getting everything you want done.

Keep us posted on progress - I'm sure we can help you out with this one way or the other!

Thanks Ken, I'll be ready in 3 weeks but I don't really need the re compiles then. End of Jan will be fine.
I'll keep you posted.
If you figure this out - please drop me a line. I'd like to do the exact same thing. (dump a mysql database into FrontlineSMS).

If you want we can work on the problem together. I'm very knowledgeable about mysql (the database backbone behind frontline) and I can probably figure out the import. My problem is that I can't for the life of me get the SMS side working. If you send me a data set I can test it out on my personal copy of frontline and then give you code to cut and paste in the "mysql" window.

I haven't messed around with FSMS to know yet how easy this is, but it helps me to figure this out.

The next step (what I really want) is to pull data out of frontline into our database regularly - the opposite of what you're doing.
Could someone let me know what dev environment produces the software (Java, .NET?) so I can ask around for a developer to re complile the software next month. I may find someone on my trip to the Philippines next week but would be helpful to know this info.


Hi Brendan

You'll need Eclipse - it's free to download, so just search for it on the web. This is the development environment we've been using to write FrontlineSMS. There are some pretty hefty manuals on it, so it's not likely going to be easy to figure out for a non-developer!

I am too with your possible vision and hopeful mission in India pl mail me when things are ready. I will too.

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