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Redeveloping Domestic Violence System and need your input

Hello Everyone,

Some of you might know I've developed and deployed a domestic violence crisis system based on SMS here in Oklahoma. So far, the system has been working well but the agency is less than cooperative in sharing information about the system with outsiders due to perceived security concerns. So I've decided to develop a complete 'turnkey' DV solution that I'll package up and distribute to anyone who wants it.

The system will:

1. Allow the easy reporting of abuse events through the SMS system.
2. Provide heavy encryption of stored data to maintain privacy and integrity
3. All victims to summon police help by SMS if needed
4. Provide a court admissible record of all recorded abuse events and their times/dates
5. Allow two way 'chat' via SMS between a crisis worker and a victim
6. Allow victims to get quick information about domestic violence and support options

I'm sure there's going to be more needed so I'm asking you, the community, what would YOU like or need in a good DV crisis system?  Your input is greatly appreciated!

Anthony Papillion

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Hey Anthony!

Not sure if you got my emails but I was trying to get in touch regarding similar issues. For a lot of trafficking-victim shelters/crisis-centers, they too deal with DV and related problems and their #1 concern is privacy of information.

We're looking to have all the points you addressed above in our SMS helpline system, also an integrated customizable platform for case management. Not sure if the shelter in OK does this, but most in CA have paper call sheets which they use to record information. What we're trying to do is build that capability in FLSMS (in addition to having recorded message history), and have multiple layers of protection so that only crisis counselors/case managers have access to victim files.

Another thing to consider is OK's mandated reporting laws. In CA, we're working with several Child Abuse Prevention Councils in the greater bay area so that texts related to pimping/child exploitation/abuse etc can be sent and documented with them. Diff orgs/agencies may have different ways of dealing with this, but it is one thing to put out there since it has come up a few times in our protocol development!

Email me if you want to chat more!!


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