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Hi, I have some students who want to try using FLSMS to send scheduled nutrition reminders on a daily basis.  We have looked at the Reminders plug-in but it seems to be able to send one message per day and to individual contacts and not groups.

Does anyone have any suggestions that we might try?

Are there plans for next version of Reminders Plug in to include the ability to send multiple messages daily and to groups in the Contact list?

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Hi Gordon,

in the future, the Reminders plugin will let you send a message to a group. But for the moment, it's unfortunately not available. And this is done by one of our great contributor, so I'll get in contact with him as soon as possible.

On the other hand, you have the possibility to use the Test Number and a keyword to simulate this.
Here's how I would do it:

- Create a KEYWORD, for example "DGM" (for Daily Group Message)
- Add a forward action to the desired group
- Set a daily reminder which would send an SMS to the Test Number (000), starting with "DGM" (without the quotes)

You're all set! The reminders plugin will send a single SMS, which will be automatically forwarded to a group. It's not as easy as it could have been, but that will do.. ;)

Thanks Morgan. I've got it working now. I didn't realize the test number could be used that way. Good to know!

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