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Hi community

I have been experiencing new problems with our pilot-research project. I am a graduate student doing research that introduces texting, through FLSMS, as a new communication channel in an agency that supports families facing unplanned pregnancies.


We have been experiencing some issues with FLSMS not working sometimes, especially sending and recieving SMS. As I shared before, the agency uses FLSMS 24/7, using a laptop connected to a samsung device.


Recently our challenge, after sometimes rebooting FLSMS or the laptop, is that the reminders plugin is not working anymore. This has affected us a lot since this plugin is very much needed, the agency has been trying to remind clients about prenatal classes and appointments, but the messages are not going through.


Also, the computer has been randomly shut-down several times, which left us with questions about missing messages from clients, etc.

We are using FLSMS 1.6. with Windows vista, does any one have any comments that could guide us in why this may be happening?

Thanks so much in advance for your generosity,



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Hi Angela,

Thanks for getting in touch about this, and sorry to hear you're still having some difficulties.

The reminders plug-in is community contributed code, and is currently in beta. This means that there may unfortunately still be some bugs in the code. However, we are updating this functionality in the future release of the software, due out later on this year.

It is unusual that your computer should be randomly shutting down without warning. Is this happening when you haven't rebooted the system for a while? It may be that your computer is having problems with being run for such long periods of time.

Could you please send along your logs, and I can ask our developers to have a look at these issues in your system?

Many thanks


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