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Hi fellows:

I am new to FLSMS and I am in the US using Clickatell as a gateway to FLSMS. I am able to send messages but they error out and do not get to the destination due to Routing Error. I read some of the postings on this Forum and by applying them they helped me get to where I am right now (i.e the messages are no longer failing like before and now they are marked SENT). The problem is right now I need to deal with the Routing Error. I learned from Clickatell support and coverage website: that the US is not in the MO (Two way) country list. I have a Central API Small Business account does that mean I am going to have problem receiving messages? Any more ideas about correcting the routing error?





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Hi Jack


Users have had problems with Clickatell in the US in the past. IntelliSMS is also supported in FrontlineSMS and doesn't have the same routing issues. Might be worth trying that, if it's an option? They give you five free test SMS when you sign up, so you can experiment without spending any money.


Other than that, only Clickatell can resolve the routing issue unfortunately.


Let us know what you do, and if it gets round your problem.





Thank you Ken. I will try IntelliSMS and let you know.





Just a (very late) update for anyone else who stumbles across this, as it's a first-page Google search result.

Routing error usually occurs when trying to send a message to the US or Canada through Clickatell without a two-way number. FrontlineSMS has support for this since last year - to fix this issue, you need to get a two way number from Clickatell and enter it when setting up your Clickatell connection in the FrontlineSMS app.

If you get a routing error and you were not sending to US or Canada, contact Clickatell to diagnose the issue.


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