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Running 2 instances of Frontline SMS concurrently is it possible?

I am building a purpose specific PC for use solely with frontline SMS. I have a requirement to have keywords from different users trigger different events IE one group of users given one mobile nmber and that posts to twitter (already tested and working OK on a laptop) and another for general text communication.


Problem is when I am bulk texting one group, if another group needs to send a twitter via my SMS box, It must be as near realtime as possible. So if I'm sending 300 or 400 texts this is going to take time, so I started thinking. Do I need two complete systems?


If I am not bulk texting, it should work fine, BUT if I am I think the command to post to twitter and respond via text to the sender is going to take a back seat and by the time it is posted to twitter it's too late. It needs to be out within a few minutes maximum (twitter jitter allowing).


So I ordered one PC's worth of components for now and it arrived today. Then a thought struck me, this is a dual core processor/Motherboard combo.


It's a dual core Atom and motherboard combo. 2Gb DDR3 ram, 2.5" SATA laptop HDD Mini ITX Case. Uninteruptable PSU.


So as it's dual core, I get thinking... Win XP pro (Lighter footprint?), FrontlineSMS, Dual Core, 2Gb Memory, two unlocked ZTE MF112's with different Sim Cards in each.


If I ran two concurrent sessions of frontline on one box, would this work? would the software let me install into different directories? would the right session pickup the right dongle/SimCard?


Anyone out there know if this can be done?



(sorry for such a sticky question on my first outing)



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Way to go Len!! Its good to have intelligent (and persistent) people to lead the crowds


Best regards



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