FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

I would like to know if it is possible to schedule a reminder/message to a group of subscribers at a given date and time. Also if it is possible to repeat this periodically

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in Advance


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I'm needing this functionality too and, as I understand it, this is not possible with the current version of FrontlineSMS but coming in the next release.

I suppose, if you are desperate to do this, you *could* write an separate program to mimic a user pressing buttons and inserting text to send a message to the group, though I don't know if Java programs expose the right information to allow you to do this.

Hi Anthony,
Please advice me on how to write such a program.

You can also make this happen using a suitable keyword. The keyword can be triggered by an external sms reminder service msg containing your keyword send to your phone at the desired time. May have to pay per msg .. but still do able.

Hi both - assume you've seen the reminders plugin by now but just in case:

Laura, i still confuse to apply the source code reminder plugin to the flsms? (I went to the site and downloaded the source code). Would you please to give me information / tutorial / step by step how to apply this plug in? many thank laura.
Hello Lily,

if you already have the source code, you just have to clone the reminder sources in your workspace and add a Maven dependency to your distribution project, pointing to the proper reminder plugin artifact.

Hope that helps!

Hi Lily

Just wanted to quickly say that you'll obviously need some technical/developer skills to do this. If you don't you'll hopefully be able to find some. Also note that we haven't done any testing of this new plugin yet, so just be aware that it's in Beta and that we won't be able to support it yet.

Hopefully we'll be able to test it, and integrate it, soon.


Yes, sorry about that. Given you're playing with source code, I assumed you had technical skills Lily.
I hope you do! \o/
Hi Morgan and Ken!
Thanks for your quick response. Hmmm...unfortunately, I am not the IT engineer. I am a medical doctor, but I have an IT member in our group. I asked him but he still confuse too to apply it. Hope the new future release with reminder be launched soon...
Hi Lily

Yes, you'll likely need a developer to help you figure this out.

We have no date for adding the Reminders yet, but hope to schedule it soon.

oke, thanks ken...

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