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Hi Guys,

I am having trouble sending saved data. This is absolutly neccessary as we do not have complete coverage in country and need to save and send later.

After saving form data, I try to send my data all at once with "Send Data" but recieve the following:


Unknown Error
An Unknown error
ocuured while
handling this




If I use the manage data and submit individually it works.




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Additionally, a reason for saving and sending afterwards is that if we need to send multple forms, the server confirmation message sent back to the phone, throws us out of any form in which we are working. This is incredibly annoying as all data is lost when this happens.

Hi Paul,

Sorry that you are having trouble sending saved forms. Can I ask what make and model of phone you are using? I'd like to ensure that the phones you are using are compatible with Frontlineforms. You can also check our list of compatible phones here.

Also, Im going to refer you to a couple forum discussions where users encountered a similar error. I'm hoping that if we do some troubleshooting of your error, we can eliminate possible causes and figure it out!

A previous user had an issue that had to do with the phone settings and the phone number being used. Then there is also the issue of storage space on your phone based on the phone that you are using. Finally - take a look at out help page on sending saved data.

Please let me know if any of these discussions help. 


Thanks Kavita,

Unfortunatly none of the discussions below address our issue.

1. forms are working perfectly

2. form entry and immediate submission working perfectly

3. form entry and save with delayed submission via upload data: working (limit 5 saved forms)

4. form entry and save with delayed submission via upload data, more than 5 forms results in ERROR previously supplied.

5. form entry and save with delayed submission via Manage data, then selecting and submitting each form individually: working


Phones in use

Nokia 2720a


Nokia c1-01

Unfortunatly none of the phone models on your list are available in country.


If you can help with this I would appreciate it emensly.

Hi Paul,

I checked in with our developer team on this one. There is a limit on form message size, so it seems that you might be trying to send too much data back to the server at once which is causing this error. It might help to trim down the size of the form if you would like to submit more than 5 forms at a time.

Sorry that this is an inconvenience for you. Let us know if you have any further questions!


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