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I would like to know how automatically send sms to the "other phone number"  of each contact? I would be very grateful if someone helps me in this matter.

Thx in advance


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Hi Julien


It's only possible to send SMS to the main contact number at the moment. The "other" number is an alternative for other contact purposes. Sorry about that.



Thank you for your answer. So I think I need to export all my contacts and create a second person with the same name and the second phone number and import these new contacts.


Hi Julien,


That would work, although you may need to make the names slightly different for the duplicate contacts.



Hey, guys :)

Actually, you definitely need to make the names different. At least in (the version I'm working w/right now in Ghana). I've been banging my head against the wall for the last hour to trying to figure out why I couldn't send a message to the second entry for someone! Good thing I was here & able to interpret the Java error--most won't be able to do the same.

Any chance you could change that bug/feature? I imagine it would involve creating the unique index for the Contact record out of the Name and the Mobile Number together. Just a thought...

Hey James! 

Nice to hear from you here on the forum, and appreciate your comments here. Thanks for the feature suggestion, which I will pass onto Alex and the developer team.



Hey James

What Java error was that? We're all confused over here in sunny Nairobi.


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