FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

I am new to this community and would so appreciate any input. I am going to be using FrontlineSMS for a class and hope that the students can learn the potential of how the platform can be used.

I am using a PC with Windows 7 and a Huawei E173 Unlocked HSDPA 7.2Mbps GSM 3G USB Modem.

So far, I have looked through the discussions to see what the problem may be. 

I have now verified that I have the phone/device set to receive messages on the device. I am sending out message with no problem, but I am not receiving messages.

I also made sure that I quit the device specific software that opens when I connect the GSM modem. (Incidentally, when I connect the device, it installs the drivers every time).

I also made sure to connect the device and quit the software before starting FrontlineSMS.

Thank you for your help!


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Hello Willow:

Nice to meet you I also use FrontlineSMS in a user educational environment. I have the same modem and windows you do and I´m receiving and sending just fine.

Maybe you need to check with your provider to troubleshoot any incompatibility.

Best regards


Hi Willow,

Thanks for getting in touch here (and thanks for Domingo for responding, too).

It may be that your SIM memory is full, and therefore not accepting new messages? It may help you to run through all suggestions in this troubleshooting document of advice, which is specifically on getting started with your modem.

If you continue to have issues with this then please let us know.



Thank you for the ideas! I will let you know what I am able to figure out.

One question- what question would I need to ask my provider? I have AT&T, and I am using a go phone pre-paid SIM card.

Hi Willow:

I'd check to see if AT&T lets send/receive via a regular cell phone with the card you bought

Of course you need to have credit in your prepaid card too This can easily be overlooked in all the testing.

When you are confident the card works ok in a regular phone you just change the SIM card back into the modem.

Oh! and my modem triggers an external providers software, so I found many of my messages downloaded there and not into FrontlineSMS. You should check there too


Hi Domingo,

Thank you for the input. I ended up clearing my SIM card and now it works with my own phone SIM card. However, for my class I was planning to use a go-phone SIM card. When I put it in (and it is charged now with unlimited texting), the modem software does not recognize the SIM card. I checked and thought that it was compatible.  Have you had any experience with the go-phones (from AT&T)?


Thank you, Flo- yes I did get it to work by emptying the SIM card!

But, now I am trying to get it to work with the SIM card from a go-phone and the modem is not recognizing it. I guess that is more a question for Huawai or AT&T?


I'm afraid not Willow

We don't have AT&T in Argentina ;)

Hi Willow,

Its great to hear that you now have FrontlineSMS working with your SIM card!

In terms of checking your other SIM there are a few things you can check, many of which Domingo has already covered (do you have credit on the SIM, does the SIM card send and receive messages when it's in a normal phone etc). In addition you can check when the SIM is put in a regular phone whether it has a PIN number? If it does, this will need to be removed before FrontlineSMS can properly access it.

Also, just to mention, another user who had problems with her SIM card found when speaking with her network provider that she needed a SIM with both data and voice capabilities (see forum discussion on this here); just mentioning in case this helps you here.

Please do keep us posted on how you get on, and let me know if we can be of further help!




I also bought this e173 Huawei modem but I am having difficulties to get it recognize a ATT prepaid go phone SIM card.

Can you let me know how did you set it up?

My e173 is also unlocked like yours.

Hi Felipe,

I hope you are well. I ended up using the SIM card from my AT&T regular plan. I think that the prepaid go phone SIM cards will ONLY work with the gophone itself- so the SIM card is locked in with that device. That is what I understood after talking to AT&T. I hope this helps.

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