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Hi guys,can someone help me out.I am trying to send mms to my facebook page using frontlinesms.How can i do it.


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Hi Geoffrey


At the moment it's not possible to trigger an action to re-post an incoming MMS, I'm afraid. You can forward SMS to Facebook but would need to create an external command to do that. You'd have to check what relevant APIs are available in Facebook.


If you want to send mobile images to Facebook, you can do that directly to Facebook I believe (you'd need to Google it), so don't need to have FrontlineSMS in the middle.



Hi Geoffrey, 

I'm not too familiar with the technical details of an MMS, but doesn't a MMS (or MMSC) always contain an embedded URL that points to the actual content (image)?



Once the MMSC has received a message, it first determines whether the receiver's handset is "MMS capable", that is it supports the standards for receiving MMS. If so, the content is extracted and sent to a temporary storage server with an HTTP front-end. An SMS "control message" containing the URL of the content is then sent to the recipient's handset to trigger the receiver's WAP browser to open and receive the content from the embedded URL.


In that case, you should be able to post the image to Facebook through a http request to the FB Sharer URL. You probably need to parse the message first (by a custom script) and get the url, so you need to use a script (triggered by an action), as mentioned by Ken before.


Then you can post to FB via the Sharer url like:

So the flow would look like this:

forward MMSC to a script on the server (by email or http request), parse the MMSC for the content url, let the server script post the url to FB sharer.


Untested and not 100% if that works as described with a MMSC, just my theoretical thoughts.






Hi Mathias, Geoffrey


FrontlineSMS picks up MMS via an email account, which is technically the easiest way to do it (no issues with handset compatibility, etc). Full details and an explanation are available in the "Help" files under the relevant section. If Geoffrey wants MMS to go to Facebook then I suggest he does it outside of FrontlineSMS, which doesn't have the functionality to do this right now anyway.





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