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I want to know how to send sms to a number which are in my database, using php script i am getting my desire number but how to send sms to that particular number in php?? Please guys help me out !!!! For example i receive one sms then my keyword trigger work very fine and give me that desire number but i want to send sms that desire number, i know that i can send reply to that sms sender but i dont want that.........

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Hi Ameya,

There were a couple of previous posts about this issue in the past and I was wondering if they might be of help to you. Check out this post on connecting the http trigger to a database using php and this one on setting up the http trigger. It might help in general to run a search on our forum for discussions on http trigger or look through our online help files on setting up the http trigger.

If these do not help, perhaps you can give me a bit more details on the issue you are having and I can see check with our developer team to see if they can help.



Thanks maam, i got the solution, i am actually a GIS Developer, i am trying to make offline LBS system, that will provide your location via sms. This will very much helpful in Emergency situation .

Hi Ameya,

Great! I am glad you found a solution. It sounds like you are working on a very interesting project. Please do let me know how you progress your project and also, please let me if you need any more help with anything!


Saw the video..Useful project Ameya..congratulations:)

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