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I am trying to set up Frontline SMS on a Acer netbook using a Huawei E122 and Zantel provider.

I have installed Frontline and the modem receives text messages to the modem manager. I now need the text messages to go through Frontline SMS.

I have a SIM card that is associated with the modem, however it has its own mobile number to make and receive calls in a phone, top up that number and also top up the modem internet package.

Can anyone assist with a start-up guide?

Just wondering how to add credit to the modem so that it sends SMS's through the software. We actually mainly want to receive SMS's rather than sending.



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Hi Anne-Marie

These guides may be helpful:

Your network provider should give you advice on adding credit to the SIM card in the modem. It having its own number is absolutely how it works - think of your computer now being like a big phone that is on the network, sending and receiving texts.

Make sure, as the first guide says, that you start up the modem software, let it recognise the phone and then shut it down completely. Then start FrontlineSMS.

Hope this helps!

Best wishes


The modem does not have a sim card in it. It is separate. It works by not having a sim in the modem. I have started the modem software and shut it down and started Frontline on the netbook and the mac. Both times a warning message has come up saying there is a problem. The sim card to top up has its own number which is different to the modem number.

Hi Anne-Marie

I'm a bit confused - I'll check with the developers and see if they know how to help you tomorrow. Without a SIM card, the modem should not work. Alternatively, if there are two numbers associated with the modem in some way, this may be what is confusing FrontlineSMS and it may be worth trying disabling the second SIM.

Best wishes


The modem does not have a SIM card in the modem hardware. There is no slot/space. The only SIM card is separate and to top up you either add credit and use the mobile manager or put the associated SIM into a phone. This SIM card has its own number. The modem works and has worked for 18 months this way. If you disable the other number the modem will not work either, as you need to spend 5000 TSH on that SIm to get the internet packages....

Hi Anne-Marie

So, we think that it may be that the modem you are using runs on the CDMA, and not GSM, network. FrontlineSMS doesn't work well with CDMA - can you buy or borrow a GSM modem to see if this solves the problem?

We also think we've got to the bottom of the SIM card issue - some CDMA modems including some E122s have the user's account details hard-coded into the device, so that it does not require a sim but directly contacts the network on its own. In this instance adding credit for SMS would be something you would have to talk to Zantel about as this varies from provider to provider.

Finally, I'm sure you're aware of this and from what you said this doesn't seem to be the source of the issue, but it is not advisable to use the same modem for SMS and Internet. Any time the modem software is running it will capture SMS coming into the modem, which means that while you're on the Internet SMS will not make it into FrontlineSMS where they can be managed.

I hope this makes sense? Perhaps it would be best to try to buy a cheap GSM modem which you will use just for this.

Hope this helps,


Hi Laura

The solution is that all modems here use CDMA, however Zantel only uses CDMA whereas Tigo, Airtel and Vodacom use CDMA but there is an option to choose GSM only.

Once you choose that, shut down the mobile manager and use Windows OS as opposed to a Mac then it should work.

Adding credit is the same as usual, just with the modems Tigo are selling now (Huawei E153) the SIM actually goes inside the modem.

Thanks to Alphonse at Tigo for sorting it out on a Saturday afternoon!

Hi Anne-Marie

Hurray! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear what you do with FrontlineSMS now it's working.

Best wishes


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