FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.


I finally managed to get the modem to connect with Frontline SMS.

Now, i'm having problems with setting up the database side of it on Mac.

I'm going to be using Frontline for conducting surveys.

The instructions provided are for PC.

Are you able to help me?




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Hi Eve,


What are you having problems with exactly?  If FrontlineSMS has got as far as detecting and connecting to a modem then the database is also set up and working.



OK, i would like to send SMS survey (questions) direct to respondents. Instead of creating forms to upload on phones that interviewers take to the field to conduct surveys. I want to write the survey questions in Frontline SMS and then send them direct to contact list of individuals who will answer the questions and i collect the answers in frontline for analysis. Should i still be doing this via Forms? In which case, the Forms tab allows me to create new form but i'm not able to actually put together the questions (it wont let me select anything). Let me know. Thanks.

The best way to do this would be to create sets of keywords, which users put at the beginning of their survey responses. The keyword is used by FrontlineSMS to auto-reply with the next question.


For example, you send out the first question and ask the respondent to start their answer with "Q1". In FrontlineSMS you create a keyword called "Q1" which auto-responds with the next question (in that question, ask the respondent to start their answer with "Q2"), and so on. "Q2" is another keyword which triggers an auto-reply with the next question. This way you can run through a series of questions automatically, and then export the answers to Excel (or wherever). I'd be inclined to keep well away from using Forms for this, which will require people to download an app onto their phone, and for you to send Forms to people.


Everything you need to get the scenario above working is covered in the "Keywords" section of the "Help" files.


Hope that helps.



Thanks Ken. I managed to set-up a basic survey. Best, Eve.

Great! Best of luck, and let us know how you get on!  \o/

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