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I've gotten my Macbook to play nice with a Motorola ROKR phone. FLSMS is working, I'm sending and receiving texts, but I've noticed two large issues:

1. Sending texts takes a very long time, even if it's just to one reciepient. This is not the network's fault: on my normal mobile (a cheap nokia) a reciepient will get an SMS in under a minute. With the FLSMS system, it can take anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes! Clearly there's something wrong, just not sure what it is.

I'm getting a Sierra Compass on Saturday...will this speed things up?

2. Whenever I activate the auto-reply feature, FLSMS bombards people with auto-replies. If I get 1 message from someone, FLSMS might send 2-5 auto-replies. Have I set this up wrong? What am I missing here?

Thanks everyone!

Lee Cohen
Hope for Haiti

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Correction: it's a PEBL, sold in a ROKR box. Ah Ayiti. Mwen content avec ou
nope. checked Moto. It's a ROKR U9.
Hi Lee

Are you using Clickatell now to send messages? I know you were speaking with Josh on Skype.

If so, I assume you're using the phone to receive and Clickatell to send, is that right? (You can configure the phone to be used for just receiving by right-clicking on it in the "Phones" tab). Also, after you've right-clicked, have you set the phone to "Delete after receiving"? This will ensure the phone doesn't get clogged with messages.

Let me know what you're configuration is, and we can likely sort this out.

HI Ken,

I did set up Clickatell, put in the proper info, set my phone to receive only, but when I try to send via Clickatell I get a "Failed" status. Got any ideas?

Will have a solid Sierra modem on Saturday, so this is really just a bandaid for now. Don't want to lose the momentum with this massive lag time I'm experiencing.

I have set the phone to delete after receiving, yes.

Hi Lee

A couple of quick things you can check. I'm in the UK so there's a significant time difference between us unfortunately.

Make sure you fill in the Clickatell screen in FrontlineSMS with all your details. Try leaving the phone number field blank, and then try it with the number you used to register with (using +, or 00, in front for the full international format).

Also make sure the contacts you are sending to (in the Contacts tab) are set up fully international (+ or 00 again). Although Clickatell is a great system because of it's reach, it's technically a real pain sometimes to get going. I'm assuming you're seeing the HTTP connection showing in the "Working" section of the Phones tab?

I can potentially jump on Skype today but am out of the office. Let me know if any of this helps, else I can try and get our developer to assist you.

May be it might help if a way is found to send auto replies only to the requesting mobile.
That's how it works, Darlington. See the "Keywords" section in the "Help" files for details.

Hi Lee

Another quick question - usually you have to buy message credits to use Clickatell (they allow test messages, but only a fixed text, which isn't very helpful). I know texts to Haiti are meant to be free this month (from what I hear), but you may still need to buy message credits to finalise the setting up of your account. Just a thought.

Hi Ken,

I bought 400 texts, there basic package. I've tried altering the clickatell options the following ways, but with my username, password, and API the same:

with local phone number
with local phone number + int'l code (+509)
with local phone number + int'l code (509) (no +)
with no phone number

All have failed.

Another interesting observation: it seems that when I first start up FLSMS, the phone and software are MUCH more responsive. However, with every passing hour the lag time between submitting SMS messages to be sent and them actually sending grows.

Thanks for your help Ken. I'm setting up a little base camp at a hospital in town. Should be available for Skype later today.

Hi Lee

I'm assuming the HTTP connection shows in the "Phones" tab as working? You could also try sending a message from the Clickatell web system to prove whether or not it works from there. Sorry you're having problems. We're looking to add support for other aggregators (we already support IntelliSMS) because of the problems people sometimes have with this.

I'll be back from the office shortly and can look for you on Skype. Do I have your ID?

Just sent you a message with my skype ID. Will prob log on in an hour or two. Thanks for the continued support.


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