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sierra wireless modem and FLSMS updates for Mac?


I was the happy recipient of a wireless modem (drivers downloaded) which has a bad copy of FLSMS.  I've a early version of FLSMS on my computer ($app), and it doesn't recognize a phone, despite the SIM being present and working in a phone.

So, is there a new version of the software?  Did I miss an email telling me about a Mac update?  Looking forward to using the new gadget--I know other Mac users are able to connect.

Every link for help, phone manager, etc, in my version of the app leads to "a page that no longer exists," so I'm a bit lost here.


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Hi Debbi

The best thing to do would be to download a fresh copy of FrontlineSMS. You can do this from the "Home" page from the main website (links above). Just make sure you select "Mac" when you complete the download form.

Best of luck, and let us know how you get on.


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