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Smart Groups in Contacts / Smart groups in Messages.Recipients

I faced another issues about the Smart groups. A different one this time.

In Contacts tab, I created the smart groups without any problems. I need to say that the filter i used for the smart group was created by importation (my CSV file contained column like "Talent_Acting", "School", .....).

Now i want to send message to one of this smart group and I see that when selecting the recipients in the Quick Message, none of the contacts in my smart groups appears.

Comparatively, I created a "Test Group" as smart group, and my filter was the field "note". And for this one, there is no problem to send message to this smart group.

Why is this?

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Hi Josephine,

Could you send the csv file with dummy data e.g 2 rows. We would like to see the structure of your csv file.

This would enable us to analyse the issue in a better way. You can remove the real names and numbers to maintain privacy.

Thank You

Hi Josephine,

The issue is that the 'mobile' value has been imported as a custom field instead of mobile number.

To fix this issue do the following:-

> Delete all the contacts but do not delete the smart groups.

> Open the csv file, change "Mobile" to "Mobile Number" in the header row, and save the file.

> Import the csv.

Everything should be ok from here.


Just want to say thank you for valiantly detecting and reporting another bug to us!


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