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I spent the last 90 minutes hacking away with Kenny and Jim from WeFarm and we managed to get internet and FrontlineSMS working concurrently with a single Safaricom Kenya SMS modem (model: Huawei E173).


Solution: In Safaricom Broadband software: Tools > Options > Text Message:
* uncheck "Show a notification when a new text message arrives"
* uncheck "Play a sound when a new text message arrives"
* in "New Message Save Mode": uncheck "Save in local", check "Save on SIM/USIM card or device"

Outcome: we can now send and receive SMS through Safaricom E173 from FrontlineSMS while Safaricom software is running and we are also connected to the internet through the SMS modem.

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Nice one Alex.  


The next trick will be to get FSMS working on the modem itself using the MicroSD card slot!  :)

Exactly! You remember this discussion as well I see...  

Within 1 week time, I'm planning on buying a Huawei E173 modem to use with FLSMS and windows XP. Since it's a recent model and that i don't see that it has been tested, i want to know if this model could potentially work with XP. 

Does anyone have done the tests?

Hi Josephine

I think the E173 is an older model, not a new one. Either way, it should work as long as it comes with an XP driver. You'd need to check that with the people you buy it from. XP isn't supported by all device manufacturers now since it's two full versions behind the current Windows release.

I see you're checking with other users, which is always a good thing. Also, if possible, it would be great if the people you plan on buying it from let you test it first.

My hunch is you'll be fine with the modem. It's just the driver you need to check.


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