FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Anyone please clarify.

On the link "" in section "Sending your completed form to a mobile phone" , it is mentioned that for form sending to mobile, the mobile must be java based and internet(GPRS) connection is must.


while on the link "" it is mentioned that "The form is then encoded and sent via SMS to any number of handsets running the FrontlineForms client, a small program which runs on a wide range of Java-enabled handsets. Once these handsets receive a new form, the Java client interprets the data, saves the form layout and displays a mobile version ready for the fieldworker to complete"

Now if the form is send through SMS then their is no need of GPRS or Internet?


As I am facing a problem of frontlinesms installation and my mobile device is not java based. So clarify this point. Thanks

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Respected Sila Kisoso, 

I am thankful to you for such a nice reply. I am also thankful to frontlinesms for providing me this opportunity. Once again lots of thanks.  


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