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Hello dear Community:


I noticed when I was testing the send and receive of SMS messages that the TIME Stamp has a 2 hours difference earlier than the actual hour on my computer.


I'm in Buenos Aires, Argentina (UTC -3)

Is there a way to safely edit a configuration file to reflect the actual time? Im not a developer Im just a doc , so caution and detail will be greatly apreciated



Be well!



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Here is a screenshot showing the difference between FL and my computer time

Hi Domingo,


It seems like it is a bug with interpreting the current timezone.  Does this error occur only in Ultimos Eventos, or also in the Messajes screen?



Hello Alex:


How are you doing? Yes ! Also in the message screen :)

Hi Domingo,


That's indeed odd - well spotted!  It would be really great to get some log files demonstrating this behaviour.  If you are able, could you modify the file in the properties directory of your FrontlineSMS configuration (likely %HOMEPATH%\FrontlineSMS\properties\ and change the line:



Then wait for a message to come in with the incorrect timestamp.  When it does, then please submit the logs to us and let us know on the forum, and we can investigate further.





Hello Alex 


I edited the line and a message came in. Here is the log file attached. Please let me know if you need any more information





Hi Domingo,


I've logged your bug, and hopefully we can fix it soon.


Thanks for the info!



Glad to be helpful Alex !


Will it be patched in a future update? I'll have to wait to then, correct?



Hi Domingo,

Yeah, you will need to wait for the next release; sorry about that.


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