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Hi. I'm Andrey from Ukraine. I found FrontlineSMS when googling for "e-mail to sms" functionality.

I found some bugs in FrontlineSMS related to russian and ukrainian localization.

So, if I try to create "reminder" in "reminder tab" (in russian and ukrainian language of interface) with occurance "once" (then start date is in format xx/xx/xx) but if I try to change start date of reminder then the date in xx-xx-xx format and I get an error (something about wrong date). If I leave the date untouched reminder creates successfully. So, if I need to change any date in reminder I get error. I have a russian localization on my workstation and a russian format of date and currency in my Windows 7 ultimate x64. I found that in English interface dates in "reminders" is ok (xx/xx/xx) if I choose them. Aha! And I found language file of program and copied "date formats" from english language file to russian and ukrainian - than problem was solved.

If need additional info from me you can write to itreers 'at'


And I have a question about some problems (i think with my modem device).
FrontlineSMS detects my device as simcon_ltd SIMCOM_SIM300D.
I can't find this device in list of supported device.  It can send sms but can't receive them.
Do you have any suggestions what can I do to force it to receive sms.


Do you plan to add "e-mail to sms" functionality?

Do you have a console version like for FreeBSD or linux without gui?


p.s. Sorry for my english )


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Hi Andrey


Thanks for your message.


Firstly, can you try setting the reminders with the language set to "English"? I need to check with our developers, but I think the bug you are reporting may be related to using reminders in foreign languages.


With your device, check the "Troubleshooting" section of the "Help" files for tips on getting it fully up and running. It's possible you have some other software running on your computer which is grabbing the messages before FrontlineSMS gets to them, for example.


Let us know how you get on!




P.S. In answer to your other two questions at the end, the answer is "no" to both, I'm afraid. We may have something that does this in the future.

As I wrote later problem related to Russian and Ukrainian interface language. If I switch to English problem disappearing.

Okay, thanks Andrey.


We're not going to be able to address that bug for a while, so I suggest you use the English screens when you're running reminders. Sorry if this causes you any problems, but it will be the best/only way of getting around it for now. We'll keep everyone posted on when we release a new version.



I found the answer. I copied "date format" section from English language file and pasted it to Russian and Ukrainian language files. It's works normally.
Thanks for letting us know! Well done on figuring this out.  \o/

I use this device to work with frontlinesms -
I'm sorry but I could not find information about it in English. You can use Google translate.
So what can I say about this device. The device is based on the chip SIMCOM SIM300D. But the manufacturer's website has no drivers to work with the device as a GSM modem. On manufacturer's website I found only driver to programming this device and upgrade firmware (virtual com port driver). In user guide i found that this device may act like GSM modem but need to use (Windows standart modem driver 33600 kbps). I tried to use this and could send sms from FrontlineSMS but I have a few problems.

Maybe because I have no fully functional driver for this device to act like GSM modem or because it used like GSM gateway too. I can't receive sms to FrontlineSMS. I can send but only manual way. If I use reminders FrontlineSMS can't send smses or can send it once. I think that in that time when I send sms manually device acts like GSM modem but if device got a call like a GSM gateway this device  is can't send sms anymore. Only if I sent the sms manually and no any call on this device then I can receive sms from FrontlineSMS reminders. So I think that this problem related with drivers. Device can't switch between GSM-modem and GSM-gateway modes.

I can check this hypothesis only in october if you interested in this.

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