FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Hi, after trying to use it on a low ended pc (W98) gave up and put it on an iMac that is making a lot of other stuff, got the E66 Huawei USB modem and is working, but have the following issues

1. Everything I start FLSMS the software keep trying to recognize / detect the modem and make all the tests. Is there a way to disable this based on the last working modem.?

2. I have leave FLSMS open but after some time it stop responding. (18hrs later for example)


PD .Any news about new version ?


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Hi Norman

Thanks for the message. Right now, FrontlineSMS doesn't remember the device being connected, although it will remember any of the settings you have (to use for sending, receiving, and so on). It doesn't take long to connect, so it shouldn't be a major problem. As for your connection issue, is the computer going into standby at all, or is anything happening which might shut down the modem being polled? We can likely take a look at this for you if it continues.

We're now on the home stretch with the new version, and will be contacting Community members any day now. As you can imagine, we're doing our best to make it as useful and stable as possible before we release it out into the world.

Thanks Ken, for your reply,

Let try with the windows Virtual pc inside the mac, that pc has a quake sensor and i am sure is always active.

Frontline will work 100% on a boot camp pc install on a mac.
This is how i am running two systems. I have not tried it on Virutal PC.
Thanks Marco, what exactly is a boot camp pc install ??? I am using right now VMWARE to make a windows virtual machine inside the mac.
Hi Norman

I'll let Marco explain Bootcamp to you (!), but just so you know, there is a fully-compatible Mac version of FrontlineSMS available which won't need running under a Windows environment. You simply complete the "Download" form and select "Mac" to get a link to that version. You may need to do some tweaking to make it work, but it just ran on my Mac without any problems. You may get issues with drivers though, depending on the device you're using to connect to the mobile network.

Just thought I'd throw that in! Thanks. \o/
Boot camp is an app that comes with your mac to partition your hard drive and creates a windows machine on your mac, you then install your windows version and you have a mac and windows machine. If you go to your utilities folder in your applications folder you will find the boot camp assistant. I tried the frontline mac version, but I could not tweek it correctly and the drivers were not available so i decided to just use it on my windows drive and it works great.

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