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Well we finally found a Sony Ericsson T700 which is listed as compatible but can't get it to work here in Vanuatu.

It actually shows up on COM ports 4, 7 <u>and </u>8, but with "Failed to Connect : IOException: write error".
I have sent the log via the Software.


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Hello John,

could you resend your logs please?
We'll try to work something out.

Morgan \o/
Just sent them again a few minutes ago Morgan.
Ok John, I'll take a look at this :)
Hi John,

have you tried a manual connection with one of the Sony Ericsson handlers?

Morgan \o/
Yes but sadly no joy, see attached message. I also resent the logs just in case.
I'd be interested to know if anyone has the Sony T700 working on version 1.6.12 of FLSMS. If not, maybe it should be removed from the "compatible" phone list?
Still tryng..... I installed the Sony Ericsson PC Suite and am able to text from inside that software. However any attempt to start up FLSMS with that open kicks the phone into Mass Storage mode instead of Phone mode and it won't connect. If I stop the PC Suite I get the same issues as before. The phone is detected on Com 4 but won't connect.
If I try to manually connect to Com 4 to try another handler I get a message saying "Port (Com 4) could not be found". If I try to use e.g. Com 1, I get "Failed to connect: NotConnectedException: GSM device is not responding". Which seems to indicate the phone is back in Mass storage mode. Since I can then see the Phone in File explorer I think this must be the case.
Even after setting the default USB connection mode in the phone to"Phone mode" it reverts to the wrong mode inside FLSMS. Is there something in the FLSMS software that could be causing this?
Yup it seems to be FLSMS is forcing the change of mode. When I connect the phone with no software running it shows up as an MTP Device under "My Computer". If I start up Sony PC Suite it stays as that and will let me send a text message. If I then start up FLSMS, after a few secs the MTP device disappears from "My computer" and is replace with the F: drive showing as "Phone" and the G: Drive showing as "Phone Card" so it is now in Mass storage mode which I presume is why the message "GSM device is not responding" then appears.
Exactly the same happens if I start all over again but don't start up Sony PC Suite. After a few secs of running FLSMS the phone reverts to Mass Storage mode.
Hi John,

sorry you'r still experiencing problems with your phone...
Unfortunately, this is typically why we encourage people choosing GSM devices, which are much more reliable.

In this case, it's very weird indeed, as we often use Sony Ericsson phones for testing, and the "Phone mode" stays activated by default (you're connecting the cable once the phone is started, right?). I'm afraid it might come from your computer configuration...

I think the easiest way to deal with all this would be to get a new device, if you have the fundings...

Hope that helps!

Hi Morgan,
I guess it is our only option, we will have to put FLSMS aside until then. Given the costs here it won't be viable if we have to pay a monthly contract fee to the local telecom to use a GSM modem though. Anyway, can I suggest another column in the Phone Manager screen which would be useful would be one showing which handler the connection is trying to use?
Hi John,

this might be a good idea indeed, as we auto-detect which handler should be used before trying with the default one ;-)

Regarding the GSM modem, let me just clarify. These devices are just "simple phones". You don't need to get a new contract or anything, as you can just insert your current SIM card into it. This is *not* something similar as 3G keys and other stuff. You can have as many SIM cards as you want that you can put in the device.

Hope that helps.

Morgan \o/
That sounds hopeful then Morgan. Will let you know how we get on.

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