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Standardize shortcodes for rapid needs assessments?

Hello all,

I recently read with interest how short 2-digit numeric codes were being used to standardize data collection (see:

This started me thinking how the FSMS community could help create a worldwide standard for numeric codes when gathering and reporting data.

For example: <location_code> {<situation_code>[x<frequency>]}

123 93 45x120 31x20 32x15 ...

This might mean "in village 123 we have flooding with 120 houses lost, 20 male adults dead, 15 female adults dead ..."

I think it would be great to create and publish a coding system for any group to use easily and effectively.

CoAid would be keen to adopt and promote a standard for this in the context of reporting and needs assessments.

Thoughts anyone?

Steve Neill, President

Community Aid Relief and Development

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