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Still having problems with connecting Huawei Modem under Mac OX X


after trying several phones without success i bought a brand new O2 surf stick (here in germany). The hardware of the stick is made by Huawei - so it's actually a huawei modem...


But it won't work for me under MAC OS X 10.6.6. With the supplied software/driver sending and receiving of sms work fine. But in FrontlineSMS I can't even find the device by trying to connect it manually. No entry under <port>...


I tried it without running the O2-Software in the background - as you proposed it in another (similar) thread here.

Tried it without any connections - only put it in the usb port. Tried it with connecting it via MACOS X network option - that works for the OS - but in FrontlineSMS same result ... no device is visible there.


What else can I do? I'm quite desperate at this point, because setup sending option by using intelliSMS wasn't a problem ... but the (much more important) receiving part is a mystery.


I'm thankful for every hint and advice.




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I am looking for a modem FALCOM configuration of an organization. Can someone find me a track acquisition of the modem.
Thank you

Hi Drabo,

Nice to hear from you. The Falcom modems should be available through online suppliers, such as Ebay. You may be able to find helpful tips from other users who have purchased a Falcom modem by searching 'Falcom' here on the forum. For example, this discussion suggests a few places to buy Falcom modems.

You can also check out a list of other devices compatible with FrontlineSMS on our website here:

I hope this is helpful. Let us know how you get on, and feel free to ask further questions if needed.



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