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Stuck: FrontlineSMS was unable to connect to an SMS device (on Mac OSX 10.7.4)


We are doing a field test with rural indigenous communities in Guatemala to support the collection of medical inventory data via mobile (replacing a really slow paper version that exists now). We are using Forms, so need to stick with version However - I've scoured the forms and web but am having no luck getting FLSMS to detect the modem.


I'm testing the system here in the US to begin - and will have a team in Guatemala replicate it with local equipment. For here, I have a T-Mobile GSM Modem they call the Rocket, which is a ZTE MF591. I got that connecting to the network using the T-Mobile software, but no luck with FLSMS. When I try to auto-detect phones I get the standard message in the subject line. I've checked that the T-Mobile software is not running and nothing else should be blocking the port. My list of Non-working Devices looks like this:



and the alert is as follows:



We're pressed for time as we're going out to the field in a week and want to have this basic field test in place, so any help would be great appreciated.


Thanks so much!


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good news! i got the modem connected. i had found another post about changing the permissions of /var/lock/ but the lock directory is not in OSX Lion. So - I found this tip someone had used for a related project with Arduino, do the following in terminal:

Create the / var / lock

sudo mkdir / var / lock


After creating a folder there to give permission for anyone to write to the folder for that run

sudo chmod 777 / var / lock

To be sure - I then found the Lock directory and viewed the Info on the dir (CMD-I) and set the permissions to read and write for everyone.

That did it! 

I also changed a system file name to get the TMobile Software connecting - which may or may not be needed (it didn't fix it on it's own):

sudo mv /opt/dplat/lib/libsqlite3.dylib /opt/dplat/lib/libsqlite3.orig

Hi Claudia,

Glad you finally got FrontlineSMS working. If you need further help, please keep in touch,

Joy, FrontlineSMS

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