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I'm trying to get started using Frontline SMS to connect with persons in Africa, who will use it to connect with their base. Not sure which GSM modem or carrier to use. Any recommendations? It looks like Verizon or AT&T may be only options.

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I do not have any experiences with GSM modems.  I use a GSM phone.  But the two GSM carriers in the US are AT&T and T-Mobile.  Therefore, I am not sure that the Verizon modem would have a SIM.

Hello there N. Neelley,


I've done some modem testing in the US. Your only major carriers in the US that are GSM compatible are AT&T and T-Mobile. Most of the world and the FrontlineSMS use the GSM standard, so Verizon (CDMA) is not an option :( The AT&T Sierra Compass modems tend to work best from my experience and are widely available in the US.


The FrontlineSMS folks have put together a nice crowdsourced database of devices that have been tested with FLSMS. You can check it out here


Let us know how it goes and if you have any further questions. Good luck!




Hi Tom,


Thanks so much for this information - very helpful! I want to set up a system where I can send a message to regional points, then have them send that info out beyond. Have you done that kind of thing before?



Hi Neelley,


I have not. However, you may want to search the Forum for others working in the country in which you plan to deploy. This may help you get started a bit quicker and help fill some gaps in info.




Hi Neelley


This might be of interest:



Hi Ken,


That's what I can envision us doing - it's great. I'm working on getting some test sites in Africa.




Thanks for the help -

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