FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Hi everyone,

I've been reading through the forums and I'm having a difficult time finding a hardware solution for testing FLSMS in the USA.

The deployment is going to be in Nairobi and I know they have the necessary hardware/software configuration there. However, I want to set up, customize and test the system before sending it over.

I have a Macbook Pro.

My questions are this:

-- Do I need two SIM cards or one? Which carrier?

-- Where do I find a GSM modem that works?

-- How much is all this going to cost?

I think the RapidSMS system is probably easier to deploy in many respects, but it requires a lot more technical knowledge. FrontlineSMS seems much easier from a front-end perspective, but the backend is not nearly as easy as described in the initial download instructions.

Any help is appreciated.

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Marc, I am not selling these and am in no way endorsing this seller. However, I have ordered one from them to test. They have an exceptional feedback so I trust them.

By the way, I offered them $29.95 on "make an offer" deal and they sold me the modem. I will have it in a few days to tell you if it works. But it appears to be an option 462 (Velocity) modem that is like the one I am using now.

here is link:

Good Luck.. and let me know if it works out for you.

I am not sure about int'l texting. Not sure if At&T offers this unlimited.
If international texts are unlimited, this is huge! :)
I received my modem from the above Ebay seller today. The modem is an AT&T branded Velocity (Option 461). I placed my Go Phone Sim in it and it works great. The program found it and started sending/receiving messages with no problems.

It however appears to be Carrier locked to At&T. It will NOT register my t-mobile sim.

This is great for me... $30 modem.. $20 unlimited texts and NO CONTRACT!

Good Luck to you all.
Aaron -

I've just successfully tested yet another GSM modem here in the US. It is an AT&T Option USBConnect Velocity (option.v. GIO461). This was tested on Windows XP, and FLSMS version and 1.6.11. I've not done any testing on my MacBook Pro yet, perhaps I can test it this weekend. The AT&T modem docs say it is compatible with MAC OS X (v10.4.11).

Another modem that may work is the AT&T Sierra Wireless - I've had good luck with that one too...once again on XP.

Hi Guys..

I bought the At&t Mercury sierra compass 855 modem from AT&T, I placed my pre-paid SIM card but nothing is going on, after installing the driver i can see the modem on my device manager it seems to respond to AT commands but it is not visible on FLSMS.. it keep saying COM6 Sierrawireless inc trying to connect at 115200 bps...
I also installed the Sierra wireless watcher.. recognize the device but it says that "No SIM Inserted" ( sim card is in place - active and not blocked)

Any light a the end of the tunnel ... this is the third modem that i'm buyig still not results...

thanks for the support and help.



Are you wanting to just test FLSMS? Or, are you ready to actively use the program? IF you just want to test it... go to at&t and open a modem account get a FREE Velocity and be done with it. You can keep the modem for up to 30 days then return w/o contract. Or, keep it if it fills your needs. My method is way cheaper, but takes longer.

If you are using the same sim with all 3 modems and not having luck it is likely your sim is locked. (see below).

If you can get a Velocity modem from At&T it works perfectly. Or see my earlier post and order one from the guy on ebay its an option 461 and sells for around $40. they say refurbished, but mine looks brand new. (When someone "tries" At&T service for 30 days or less, they send the returned, good, functioning modem in to be refurbished. There may be nothing at all wrong with it, but they cannot sell it as new.)

second... if you just want to make this 885 work..... GoPhone sims are often "Locked" to the phone they are purchased with. This is different from a "carrier lock" this is an AT&T internal system lock that only At&t can revise. (When you buy a GoPhone package off the shelf at a retailer, the sim is ALREADY programmed to work only with that phone. You will know if it is locked to that phone if there was any "Free" airtime with the phone when you purchased the go-phone.

If this is the case, You can contact At&T and hopefully explain that you want to "give up" the free airtime to get the sim unlocked from the phone. (Good luck getting someone there to understand this and what you want done. Some of their people cannot understand technical stuff like modems.)

To test whether At&T has the Sim/phone combo locked, simply put the sim in other phones and try making calls. IT will boot the phone and appear as normal, it just will not make calls/texts in other phones. (in some cases it will send texts, but not receive them.)

I just went through all this with At&T, my FLSMS is working great now.

If I can help, just leave a message here.

Good Luck!
Hi there, first of all thanks for you prompt reply,

I purchased the At&T Modem on Ebay for about $20 ... I called AT&T they told me that they can't do it.. that I have to go to a local store and they could unlock the SIM card, I went to a 2 different location near by, they said that I can't use the pre paid go phone SIM with the modem.. ridiculous .. anyway I called one more time customer service and they told me that I have to go to Corporate Store and ask for a unlock Sim card, she also advised that they may charge $25.. I guess that at this point I have no choice.. So we will try tomorrow hopefully will work !!!! I'll be posting tomorrow any updates...

Thanks !!!
They are full of bs.

Ok, so you have a gophone Sim? You likely purchased the gohone at a retailer, so therefore the sim is locked to the phone.

Try this, call gophone customer service, Tell them that the go phone you purchased has been run over by a car, flushed in toilet etc. Tell them you have another phone you bought from someone that is unlocked and you want to use the sim in this other phone. Tell them you cannot read the IMEI#. Ask them to remove the simlock from the sim ( you will waive the $15 in free airtime). once they unlock the sim you can use it in any at&t modem for texting.

If you cannot resolve it with this method, leave a message here and i will help you more tomorrow.

Good Luck. Let me know how it goes for you.
I know, they full of bs. I tried to do what you said above this afternoon, but they said that they can't do it over the phone, that I have to take the "new" phone to a att store and they will do it for me. So I went there and the guy said that they wont do it.. that i need a data plan and the SIMs card is different, again more BS...
We'll I guess that i'm going to try to go to the corporate att store (not the authorized store) Im still not sure what i should said,, should i said that my sim card got stolen or something like that??? umm anyway I'm thinking also.. what if I purchase the sim on ebay ?? there are hundred of SIMS for around $4 bucks ?? then activate it online under my go-phone account ??

I'll let you know how it goes!!!! thanks again for your help!!!!

I have sent you a request to be a friend. Answer that request, and then send me your sim# and the phone# for your gophone account. I will also need the username and password to the gophone account you created for this phone#

I will call At&T and get it unlocked for you. (I used to own 3 Wireless stores, so I can handle customer service a bit differently than many people.)

Buying a sim off ebay.... could lead you right back to the same place you are now. It depends upon where the seller got the sim.

Note: the type of sim does not matter. They cannot tell if the sim is a "data" sim, or Gophone sim or wireless phone sim.

As far as telling them your card was stolen.... That WILL lead you right back where you are now. the Gophone ACCOUNT is what has the sim/lock. It is At&T's way of creating an offset for the cheap phone you bought. (The phone you bought for $30 on a peghook at a retailer actually cost At&T $30. They hope to generate a profit from the sale of the phone by selling airtime. This is the reason for this sim/lock on the account.)

Now.... this part is uncertain... Nobody seems to have the complete answer to this... using a different sim and creating a new account... It "amy" be that the sim locks itself to the first phone?? I am not certain on this and cannot find out without further experimenting.

Seriously.... rather than fighting this.... simply email me. I will help you get it operational tomorrow. I offer to help you just for the sake of helping, no charge or anything.

I look forward to an email from you.
Thanks Ed.. for your help, I'll reply shortly.. I' also enclosing my Cel # in case you need to contact me..

Once again thanks for your help..

Hi Ed ... guess what ...The AT&T customer representative just call me last night.. and she told me that she remove the SIM lock.. I tried and it's working perfectly ..... Wow that was greatttt..

Thank once again for all your help.. If you ever stop by NY call me... I'll get you a beer... thanks!!!

By the way how you did it.. I may need to activated another one for my college ...

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