FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Hi everyone,

I've been reading through the forums and I'm having a difficult time finding a hardware solution for testing FLSMS in the USA.

The deployment is going to be in Nairobi and I know they have the necessary hardware/software configuration there. However, I want to set up, customize and test the system before sending it over.

I have a Macbook Pro.

My questions are this:

-- Do I need two SIM cards or one? Which carrier?

-- Where do I find a GSM modem that works?

-- How much is all this going to cost?

I think the RapidSMS system is probably easier to deploy in many respects, but it requires a lot more technical knowledge. FrontlineSMS seems much easier from a front-end perspective, but the backend is not nearly as easy as described in the initial download instructions.

Any help is appreciated.

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Has anyone used verizon instead of AT&T or Tmobile?
Hi Raina, you can't use Verizon b/c they don't use GSM, I think they used CDMA or something like that. I think in the U.S., you have to use either AT&T or Tmobile.

Verizon uses CDMA technology for their mobile networks. The only major US carriers that use GSM (a global standard), are AT&T and T-Mobile.

This may help:

According to Verizon, they have a GSM called a Fivespot....any idea if that is real or if it works?

Yes it's real and contains an HSPA modem for GSM use abroad. This is like a mifi device which allows multiple users to share (tether) a broadband connection. This one just happens to work with both CDMA and GSM. Not sure if this would work with FrontlineSMS. Your best best is one of the Sierra Wireless modems mentioned on this forum.

However, unlike the MiFi 2200, the FiveSpot also packs an HSPA modem for use on GSM/WCDMA networks; that means travelers to Europe and other destinations can still get a data connection, though of course roaming data rates are significantly higher than Verizon’s domestic rates.

Does this mean that this modem would work for frontlinesms? Are there other Verizon modems that would work?
I'm not sure if it would work with FrontlineSMS, I've not tested it.
Why fight it? get a $30 gsm modem from ebay and get a goPhone sim card $19.99 unlimited texting.. it works..

Details of this are on the site.

You can also just go to At&t get a free modem.. pay $60 fora data plan and $20 for texting for a two year contract. Just make sure you do NOT get the turbo connect modem from LG. It will not receive on FLsms.
The reason I am asking is that we have a grant from Verizon and would want to use it if their techonolgy is compatible. Has anyone ever tried the Fivespot or any other verizon technology?

I tried a 720I CDMA modem. Hardly any Sms program would recognize it... Even the ones that claimed to be CDMA compliant.

What I am asking is what is your time worth?

Go out get new modem... install, test.. it wont work.. write here, ask questions.. We ALL tell you CDMA wont work.... get a new CDMA modem.. repeat...

When you could have already deployed for under $50.

FrontLine and ALL SMS programs are very simple "undercapitalized" programs. They are all written to comply with the original AT command code compliance inherent in the GSM architecture.

Trying to get the CDMA equipment to work in a GSM environment is a lot like trying to operate your average car on diesel.... sure it CAN be done.. but is it worth the effort? Which is easier... redesigning your gasoline car to burn Diesel? or put Gas into the car and drive away?

SMS Texting itself was developed on the GSM architecture. Verizon later duplicated it on the CDMA networks. Verizon is a great company with great service in the USA.... But these SMS programs were not written in the USA.

You will be headache free and operational if you stop fighting the desire to use CDMA equipment for GSM purposes.

Good Luck to you.... I am trying to help you deploy rather than making the square peg fit the round hole.
Haha, thanks for your advice. I certainly prefer the GSM choice and see where you are coming from-- now I just have to convince the higher ups :)

Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I have been trying to get this thing running in the U.S. and have wasted money on one modem that will receive but not send, so I am looking for advice before going forward w/ a new modem.

Do you know if the Sierra Wireless 308 Shockwave 4G works (hopefully with the go phone text bundle)?

Also, does it matter if the AT&T Velocity modem is specifically an "Option" modem?


I am looking on Ebay and I see many reasonably priced 308 Shockwaves and Velocity modems that do not specify "Option #", and I wanted to seek some sage advice before wasting another $40.


Thanks a lot for any suggestions,



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