FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

According to frontlineSMS the messages are sent but they wasn't received. There is no errors. 

What can I do?


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Hi Lidia,

Thank you for getting in touch about this. There are a few things you should check to help with getting messages into your system. It would be great if you could let us know which Version of FrontlineSMS - 1 or 2 - you are using to help identify the issue here?

If you can send, check that you don't have any software running in the background which may be grabbing the incoming messages before FrontlineSMS gets to them. Also, if you are using FrontlineSMS Version 1 then in the "Phones" tab, right-click on the device you're using to receive and check that "Use for receiving" is ticked, and also check that you tick to delete messages after receiving so that your SIM card doesn't get too full.


If you continue to have problems with receiving messages then please let us know.


Thanks and Best Wishes




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