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Hi there, I am new to this community and have been using FrontlineSMS for about 8 months. My use has only been within very controlled trial environments, but ultimately hope to implement a project in Colombia starting in August. Our project is hoping to address the isolation experienced by people with disabilities and their families in an under-resourced community of the perimeter of Bogota. The goal is to improve health information access and reduce social isolation for this population. 

I know all of that has NOTHING to do with my questions, but I didn't want to come in blazing saddles without giving some background on our project.

I am curious if anyone has had exposure to Text To Change? I know that they institute a toll-free short code for message sending, but I'm not sure how the back end of their system works. Is there a similar keyword capability as with Frontline? It isn't a system that one can get exposed to easily since it isn't an open ecosystem like Frontline. Any comments would be great!

Thanks so much!

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for getting in touch here. We know the team at Text to Change well, and recently produced this resource with them on using SMS for Behavior Change campaigning. You can find out more information on their solutions here on their website, and if helpful I'd be happy to introduce you to their team directly to answer any specific questions you have.



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