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Hello Fellow Frontliners:


I receive the contacts to add to the system via an excel file from different versions of Office.

I have Office 2010. Even if I saved as CSV (DOS) I couldn't import correctly.

After some web searching I found a software that converts into comma delimited that works and imports correctly into FrontlineSMS


After reading here about a lot of trial and errors with the import contacts function I decided to share this info. I´m just a user I have no gain with the software company.


Hope this info helps



Convert XLS

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Hi Domingo,


Thanks for the info.  It would be great to take a look at an example of a file which doesn't work for you - it may be possible to spot the problem.



Hello Alex:


Good to hear from you :) I actually spotted the problem. I opened the CSV file after saving it from Excel 2010 using notepad. The file was never a comma delimited but spaced. (It´s something with Office 2010)


The Convert XLS really converted it into comma delimited which of course FLSMS parses correctly.


Cheers !



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