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I am currently working on a project where my server uses a linux based operating system. I am not able to find the drivers for huawei e173 and hence, frontlineSMS is not able to detect my SIM card. I tried to google for the drivers without much success.


If someone can direct me in the right direction or tell me where I can find the drivers for it, I'll be much obliged.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Pradeep,


Your best bet is to try the Huawei website, and search there for the correct driver for the E173. The manufacturers of a device should always provide the correct drivers to get a modem working your computer. Only once you have the device connected to your computer using the correct driver, should you then connect the modem to FrontlineSMS.


Please take a look at our troubleshooting guide for further information on this process:


I hope this helps you with getting started.


All the Best,

Hello Pradeep


I have the same modem you do I found a Linux folder in the plug n play drive (its the device itself)


Ill upload it to you.

Hope this can help




Hello Domingo,  I have jumped in to this thread, hope you don't mind.

I have run this "", but found that it for a Spanish speaking country, with the provider, Movistar. I think it would not be compatible with the Optus provider here in Australia.


Is there a method to get a compatible file for my Optus service provider.

I also have 2 errors, and it fails to install NDIS driver.

Are you able to assist, you may point me to another place,  

Many thanks,    David

Hello David:


Nice to meet you!  I did find some Huawei usb drivers for Mac which are compatible with Opus. Which OS are you using?


Hope this helps :)



Hello David:


I was checking the web again cause I noticed you also use Ubuntu. I haven't found any drivers yet but I suggest you can also check if your Telecom Opus can provide you with the drivers.


I´ll keep looking but it seems ubuntu drivers for Huawei are a bit rare


Best regards


Try this:

1. Download the Huawei E173 drive for linux. I found it here.

2. Unzip the file in a convenient location, for instance on the desktop. Upon decompressing you'll have a new folder: ~/Desktop/Linux/

3. Right click on each individual file in the folder ~/Desktop/Linux/, chose >> Proprieties >> Permissions - read and write all + check on "Allow executing as a program"

4. Open a terminal window (CTRL+ALT+t) and write in command line:
cd ~/Desktop/Linux/
sudo ./install
and press Enter on all questions.

The Huawei E173 driver will install (the default installation path is in /usr/local/) together with a specific connection program called Moviestar 3.5G/Mobile Partner (program which we will ignore for the future. If it pops up, you can close it with absolutely no problem).

5 - From this step on everything is simple and related to the installation of 3G broadband modems in general - the standard tutorial.
5.a - stick the modemul in an usb port.
5.b. - This movie gives you all the information you need.
5.c. - A new Device is found in Network Applet Manager. Click on it and choose connect.

Many thanks Domingo,   for doing the heavy lifting here, and I have managed to follow your advice, and now have a working internet connection.  Quite a steep learning curve for me, but persistance does pay off, and by these actions have learnt very much.

Regards,    David

I have always liked Linux

Glad to be helpful David ;)


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