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The recent #Kony2012 campaign by Inivisible Children has generated a social media storm. It has also generated some criticism.

The #UgandaSpeaks project aims at amplifying the Ugandan narrative that has been relatively unheard thus far. Working with a network of Community Radio Stations in Uganda and other partner organisations, Al Jazeera hopes to get the Ugandan voice into the global conversation.

We would like to amplify organic responses from Uganda on the Kony issue and are hereby requesting the following -:

1. We need another 2-3 redundant SMS gateways setup in Uganda

2. We are currently curating response via +256 790 893 828, (audio & video) as well on Twitter using the hashtag #UgandaSpeaks, we need to share this as widely as possible to networks in Uganda. We would like to know what are the thoughts of  ordinary Ugandans with regard to Kony


Soud Hyder (@majiwater)

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Hi Soud,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing details of your Uganda Speaks campaign here on the community forum. It's great to see Al Jazeera using FrontlineSMS to enable those offline in Uganda to contribute to the ongoing debates around Kony 2012. Look forward to staying up to date with responses.

Thanks and Best Wishes


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