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Hi Forum

i am using frontline sms 1.5 in my project... SMP safe motherhood porgram. now as every body knows that frontline sms 1.6 stable version is released. and frontline sms 1.6 support an very nice feature calledd HTTP trigger. i want to implement this feature in my project. for that i have to install frontline sms 1.6. but i want to add HTTP tigger  Feature in frontline sms 1.5.....
so help me to implement HTTP triger in Frontline sms 1.5



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Ok, Dodo.

I'm afraid you won't be able to make the HttpTrigger work with the 1.5.8 version, as it requires features only implemented in the 1.6 version.Why don't you upgrade to 1.6.14?

thanks Morgan Belkadi

actually i want to upgrade to frontline sms 1.6.14 but for that i have to change the verall setting of my project. and it require so much time. and i have not time. if there is any way to to install HTTP triger in 1.5.8 then tell me. else i try to move to 1.6.14.


Hi Dale,

I'm sorry to hear that...
Like I said, there is unfortunately no easy way to get the HttpTrigger to work on 1.5.8. If you really want this feature, you'll have to upgrade to FrontlineSMS v1.6.14.


it means i have to uninstall the frontline sms1.5 and then i will install 1.6 ????

don't forget export and then import your contacts first...
Why did you mean by "changing the overall setting of your project"?


actually i have integrate frontline sms with madical record system. i have develope a php file for takin data fromone databse to another. and i have i upgrade the frontline sms. it means the database of frontline sms will also change. then i have to develope a php file again


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