FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Kick4Life currently runs a SMS campaign for HIV sensitization in Lesotho, using a shortcode (54321) provided by Vodacom. Users can text it for free.

We aim to move to FrontlineSMS, essentially to have more autonomy in the campaign, reduce manual treatments and also do statitics. The main challenge is to keep the shortcode and keep it free. The shortcode has already been advertised a lot, and the system requires an interaction of 4 or 5 SMS and we think it is really important to keep it free for users (youth in particular).

So to achieve this:

- Vodacom suggested to set up a VPN between them and us for that purpose. We then would have a local server with FrontlineSMS and a MySQL Database.
I don't really understand how it will work, but am a bit afraid for possible powercuts, internet cuts... and wonder what would happen with incoming messages

- I would be more comfortable if we could use a SMS gateway.

- Clickatell covers Lesotho, but says it will not be possible to keep the shortcode free for users

- IntelliSMS I am not sure... awaiting feedback

- It seems only Clickatell and IntelliSMS are supported with FSMS, is that right? Or does it make sense to search other providers?

I would be glad of possible hints, experiences and advice.

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Hi Agnes

Thank you for posting about this. It sounds like an interesting project set-up. At present FrontlineSMS supports IntelliSMS and Clickatell; we are seeking to add more aggregators to the platform in future, but for now you're best focusing your investigation on those two. IntelliSMS may provide you with short code integration, but may also charge for it - they will be best placed to give you further information on this, though, so its great to hear your in contact with them.

Please keep us posted on how you get along, and let us know if you have further questions / need more information.

All the Best


Thanks Flo!

I already got a response from Intelliclci: unfortunately, they only offer shortcodes in the UK.
So it seems not possible to use a SM%S gateway with a shortcode.

I wonder if it would be possible with a modem and how...

Or with this VPN proposal from Vodacom, but then I wonder how..

Also, someone mentionned to me setting this on a server instead... but I dont think FrontlineSMS can be put on a server..?

Hi Agnes,

Short codes can be more difficult to use with FrontlineSMS that long codes, as we highlight in our FAQ here:

At present, FrontlineSMS runs directly from your computer or laptop so you can't log directly into your system remotely. I hope this answers your question on the server point.

Sorry I can't be of more immediate help on this, but do keep us posted on how you get along with your research and let us know if you have further questions.

All the Best



It says "If you are interested in using short codes, we recommend you contact your local telecommunications service provider as the process is quite different and varies by country and provider. Setting up FrontlineSMS with a short code requires our software to be integrated with their API or messaging protocol."

Since Vodacom is woilling to help us on this, I guess we'll manage!

Hi Agnes,

That's great that Vodacom are willing to help your project out with this. Please do let us know how you get along, and feel free to ask if you need any further information.

All the Best


Hi Agnes

Just to say we could look at building an integration, if you had a bit of budget for coding? There are a couple of ways to do this. Message me if you'd like a chat.



Hi Laura

You mean integration with what?

Well, we are indeed looking at some build around

Most probably it ends up in a VPN, as Vodacom has suggested, into a machine that will have the programme on. Apparently it was only way to keep the sortcode and free SMS for users



HI everyone! I have a similar problem I have a shortcode here in Kenya that is common over four mobile providers, We want to use FLSMS to run surveys and a phone tree for security alerts. The SMS gateway provider has supplied me with the HTTP API, however they need a computer on our side with a static IP address. So two questions how can I get the API integrated with FLSMS and how can I avoid the whole static IP address issue?

Kind regards


Update! I have the API from the SMS gateway provider, I just need to know how to integrate it, do you set this up in HTTP trigger or how does it work? I cant find a documentation on this anywhere, I ' really need to have the system up and running for an important event. Please any one with advise contact me!!

Hi, Sorry I can't help you, in our case it is a computer company that will do...


Hi Neil,

Thanks so much for the update here. There's information on setting up a HTTP trigger in our help files here, but it sounds like you'd like to add a new online message service to synch with FrontlineSMS - is this correct?

I will check in with our developers to see if they can provide further help with this, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Hi Neil,

You'll need a Java developer to help you integrate with a new gateway.  The best place to discuss this is on the developers mailing list at



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