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Sorry if this is a repeated question, but I'm having a difficult time identifying a GSM modem and a service provider just for sending texts in the U.S. I went into a T-mobile store yesterday hoping they'd know what I was talking about and got blank stares back, they said they only have data sticks and was confused about why I would want a modem to send text messages when I could do this using a phone. Our organization only uses blackberries, which I don't think is currently compatible with the FrontlineSMS, so it may be necessary to get a GSM modem, or get an online services (just posted a separate question about that). Appreciate any insight anyone can provide!

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Hi Sarah,

Sorry, but I did not know of any GSM modem. They are not used a lots in the US. However, I suggest you check the Frontline compatibility list for a modem then ask T-Mobile or AT&T if they sell that particular modem.

The other alternative is to find a compatible phone on the list. Then visit T-Mobile or AT&T. I am using an Sony Ericsson. It was not cheap because I wanted a quad-band and unlocked for use in the US and Africa.

Once you have a phone, you can purchase a prepaid SIM and service. You have to pick through the plans and find one with a pay-as-go talk time but allows you purchase a text messaging plan as needed. I am with AT&T GoPhone. I pay some ridiculous price for talking per minute. BUT that gives me the option of purchases a 200 messages package for $5, 1000 for $10, or unlimited for $20. THEREFORE, I do not answer my text phone if anybody calls it.

Good luck!
Thanks for the suggestion on the GoPhone! I'll definitely look into that :).
Hi Sarah

You might also want to check online for the recommended modems, which will likely be cheaper than going via an operator. I believe the FALCOM is available and that's the modem we use (it's on the list). There was also this discussion recently, with a few people having painful experiences getting devices in the US. Sadly it's a slightly odd and tricky market:

Best of luck, and let us know how you get on.

Very exciting, it finally worked today! I got a used Sierra USB Mercury (apparently the same model as Compass 885?) and purchased a pay-as-you-go data/text plan with AT&T (a bit more expensive than I anticipated, they made us purchase a data plan even though we didn't need it and had to pay an activation fee; the store people were still confused when I kept insisting that I only want the text plan, will not be using the modem for data). Plugged the modem in and it automatically prompted the 3G watcher installation on my laptop (using Windows 7), and the latest version of FrontlineSMS was able to detect the modem with no trouble. Was able to send easily, having a bit of a difficulty receiving (or perhaps slower in receiving). Now on to figuring out how to import my contacts. Thanks for all the help!

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