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Hello All,
  I am a new member to the Frontline SMS Community. I am working in Northern Mozambique hoping to use frontline sms and forms to collect health survey data. I would be curious if anyone has experience with what phones, modems, and carriers work the best here in Mozambique. I have been attempting several different ways of getting Frontline up and running but have been largely unsuccessful. Any experiences or insights would be very helpful. Thank you.

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Hi Kory

Thanks for posting! Can you let us know which handsets and/or modems you've tried, and what problems you've had?

Best wishes

Hi Laura,
I have been attempting to connect with a mCel modem, Qualcomm 3g HSDPA (model: iCON 210). Frontline says it can find the device but that it is not supported.

I have also been trying to connect with Vodacom using a Nokia 6303i classic. Frontline says it can find the device but that it is not supported.

I'm not sure how to proceed. I hate to just keep getting devices that aren't supported but I thought the 6300 Nokia's were supported. Was I mistaken on that?
Thanks so much
Hello Kory,

which Operating System are you running? (Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac, Linux...)
I have both a mac and a windows machine running Vista. I have been primarily using the Windows machine to try and get it up and running.
Ok Kory,

can you try again and send us your error report from the "Help" menu of FrontlineSMS?

Hallo Kory,
I am working in Pemba, Cabo Delgado
Am using UBUNTU 10.04 and Huawei E1550 USB modem that I got from Mcel here for 2000 MZN. Works well.

Using FLSMS to develop a Leprosy reporting system we also hope to test in Nampula shortly.
Thanks for this, Arie! Sounds very interesting. We'd love to talk to you more at some stage about your work there. Best of luck in the meantime. \o/

Hi Morgan,
This is a screen capture of the error message that FLSMS gives me
Hello Kory,

I'm glad to hear you're experimenting with this. I have toyed with it as well considering some sort of language development tool but I probably don't have the resources to make something happen at this stage.

Tete, Mozambique

Dear all.

I am in Moz and testing Frontline for HWC. I am a MCel 3G modem. Connection is fine but when I send back form to the computer, data exported are not the one expected!! Any modification to be done on the set-up of the MCel key??

Thanks for your response.

Best regards.




Hello, and I'm sorry to hear your Forms are not being delivered properly. Can you tell me, is there any data at all getting into the FrontlineSMS computer, or is it the incorrect data? Are you having any errors you could send along that accompany this issue?


I've forwarded this on to others at FrontlineSMS.


thanks and the kindest regards,


Hi Arie,

I am flying today to Pemba with a DNTF & FAO team and will be back in Maputo on Sunday.

Could me met to discuss about FrontLine SMS as I am facing difficulties to send back the form to my computer (it was not a pb in my office in France).

My cell phone number is 847468684

Hopping you are could be available.

Best regards.

Sébastien Le Bel

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