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Hi everyone

I've had a number of discussions with separate people about how FrontlineSMS is being, or can be, used in domestic violence, for example, to run an SMS helpline.

You might well have seen the great work that Anthony Papillion has done to build on FrontlineSMS to create this type of system in Oklahoma, US:

And there's an update here:

I'm the Chair of a small DV support service in the UK, and we're thinking of just using the basic platform to pilot an SMS helpline.

I thought it might be good to have one place to all talk about the trials and tribulations, data privacy issues, outreach, and other fun involved in this work, and make sure we're sharing what we create and learn!

So, it would be great to hear about what others are doing - do you have a live SMS DV service? Are you planning or piloting? Have you already got a pilot under your belt?

Can't wait to hear from you.

Best wishes


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Hi, Laura et al.,

Thanks for getting this conversation started. We here at a rape crisis center in Boston are currently looking to pilot a text messaging system for survivors using Frontline SMS, and we're currently exploring different usage options. They include a referral hotline that would provide survivors with the nearest resource (e.g. hospital or police station) and a system that would send tips of the week to a set list of subscribers.

If anyone else in the States or elsewhere has set up a similar program, we would love to hear and learn from you so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Best regards,
Ada (management fellow, on behalf of Melissa)

Hello Laura:


When I first became part of the Community I found Anthony Papillion article very appealing. How about using it for detection of bullying or school violence. I´n sure it adapts perfectly.

 I´d like to initiate a project here at our University in Argentina


Best regards

Dr. Domingo Liotta Jr, MD


Hi Domingo,


Thanks very much for sharing your ideas about this; great to see you are looking for further for ways to utilise FrontlineSMS! Just jumping in here, because Laura is away on annual leave at the moment. The idea of using FrontlineSMS to help with detection of bullying is something that has been explored before, and you can visit this site for further details: (although please note that this site is no longer fully active / some of the links within the site are may be broken).


This idea never fully took off, but it certainly has a lot of potential, and I'm sure Laura /one of the team here at FrontlineSMS would be happy to discuss this with you further if that would be helpful.


Do keep us posted as your thinking progresses, anyway.


All the Best,




Excellent website !

Sorry it didn't take off but the principles surely apply to similar situations here in Argentina.

I was at a conference here with state authorities and the academic cupulae of the University 


I´ll present them the idea of Frontline Bullyproof See what reactions I get :)

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