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What Function in the system would be called when execute command is used instead of auto reply.

I have a problem in frontline sms, Instead of using auto reply, I used the execute command function. May I know what function would be called in my price monitoring system because I am tracking down how the system works. If you have any further questions about my post I would be happy to answer your questions or maybe show you the source code of the system. 

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Thank you Sila,

I'll be looking into it and i'll update you if I have any other problem. Please call me F.A. Thanks.


Hi again Sila,

I've read the article, but I mean in the:

Command: http://

I've inputted:

Command: http://localhost/agripricemonsys/sms/prices/

What does this mean? What does it run? What function does it call?


Hi Calas,

The url in your case http://localhost/agripricemonsys/sms/prices/ should point to a script in your running local web application that will be triggered and perform a query on your database then return the results back to the frontlineSMS to be sent as messages.


Please go through this link, you'll find it useful.




Sorry sir, but I guess my question was really impossible. Just call me Chabx sir.

Thanks for the reply though.


Thnx for replying. I would be updating my post because I think I'll start my project from scratch.


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