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where to buy GSM modem that *WILL* work with Frontline.

I want to set up FrontlineSMS in the US to test it for later rollout in East Africa. Ken recommends a GSM modem over the phones + data cables, which makes sense. Unfortunately only 3 are USB + GSM modem and fully tested on the list: Falcom, Huahei E220/E166, and Wavecom. I can't find anyone who sells any of these sellers in the US.

We already bought a generic GSM from china with a no return policy and found it wouldn't work with Frontline. So that's why I'm looking for a real vendor in the US with a money-back satisfaction guarantee this time around.

Any suggestions?

Second concern - if we do get it working, it would be nice to plop in a SIM card that has a cheap or unlimited texting option for US. I've heard someone mention like "hip hop phones" or something having a free 500 texts at $30 per month. Do you know any other options? I read often that *any* SIM card will work in these, but I trust very little in the phone world of what is promised.

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Thanks Brian.

Unfortunately, seems like I still can't get a phone from the "approved" list to work. I bought yet another phone, a Nokia 6102i that is unlocked and has AT&T go phone SIM installed. I also bought a USB data cable (CA-42). So it is physically connected, but I can't get a driver to install for it. On the FLSMS site, 6102i is OK, but nokia's website says it doesn't support a data cable that links this model to a PC. So how can both be right? Somebody must have gotten the 6102i to work, right?

Once the hardware is cleared up, I'm sure the software will be fine.

Any ideas?
Update -

after a few more hours of messing with it, Nokia tech support is convinced this phone is "faulty" - but they insist that a 6102i and CA-42 data cable should connect to a PC.

Do I believe them? No. I'm looking around for a "bang head here" sign as I waste time and money on one phone after another...

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I tired the Huahei E220 I bought from a Hong Kong merchant that was supposed to be unlocked. From what I could figure out (and this may be wrong) it does not operate on the frequencies that US telco's use.
I haven't gotten the Sierra Wireless Compass 885 to work on XP or Mac.

Hello all,

Am new to the forum and to FLSMS, I was able to set it up on my Ubuntu 10.10, and I was testing it using Huawei E1752 GSM/GPRS Modem but it seems not to work.

It gives me an error that a device seems to have been detected but is not compatible with

the phones listed in FLSMS list of usable phones.


I have read a few people on this thread who have had success using the Huawei E1752,

Please advise.


Thank you,



Hi Evelyn,


What error are you seeing with your phone detection?





Hi Alex,


Thanx for the response, When I try to search for my modem it goes on and on and then tells me,

no phones detected.

Then at one point I got another response saying it detected a device but it is not compatible with the FLSMS, that I should check the list for allowed phones.


I know some people here have said they tested with the Huawei e1752 and it has worked for them.


Any advice?

Hi Evelyn,


What can you see in the Phones tab?  Are there any ports listed under "non-working devices"?  If so, what does it say in the table?


If there are no ports listed here, it may mean that you need to install the drivers for your modem - these may have come on a CD with the modem, or they may be available on the modem's internal memory stick.



Hi Alex,


In the 'Non-working devices, it shows COM4. COM5. COM6. and COM7 and when I try to auto -detect devices, it returns, 'no phone detected' on all four of them.


Am using  Huawei GSM Modem, e1752.


Please advise.

Hi Evelyn


Getting FrontlineSMS to work on Ubuntu can be tricky. You have a couple of options at this stage, I'd say. Either you can click on the "Forum" tab above and search for "Ubuntu" and read through other posts where people have got it running (you can also send them a message directly if you want to ask for their help), or if you have a Windows machine available using FrontlineSMS on that should be quicker and easier for you.


Have a go at one (or both) of those and let us know how you get on.





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