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Has anyone out there had any problems with FLSMS and windows 7. I am about to buy a new laptop and I want to check whether FLSMS has any issues with win 7



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Since FLSMS is Java based, I would assume it wouldn't. If someone hasn't answered by then, I'll throw it on my Win7 machine tomorrow and report what I find.
Hi Steve

I have FrontlineSMS 1.5.8 (the current version) working fine on my Sony running Windows 7 Professional. There's no reason why you should have any problems.



Yeah frontline runs on Windows 7 but my GSM modem does not unfortunately and the manufacturer (Chinese) does not have a website to download drivers.... so its back to the hassle of finding a new one that works. For some reason most of the GSM modems for sale in Cambodia did not work with FLSM on Vista.

Anyone out there using a GSM modem with Win 7 and if so what is the make?


Hello Ken and friends,

I have a laptop running under Windows 7 Ultimate. I was able to install FrontlineSMS v. 1.6.11 and my Nokia 9500 phone was detected.

One problem that I encountered is in the Contacts Module. I tried adding a contact and it was not reflected. I also tried adding a group and it was not in it. I attached a screen shot so you can see the contacts module. You may notice that there are some viewing problems on the upper and lower left corners of the window.

I would appreciate your assistance on this.


Hello David,

it looks like your left panel is squeezed to the left.
You may have to expand it to the right (by dragging the gray bars in the middle of the screen) to view the Groups list and then browse your contact.

We're sorry for the inconvenience, this squeezing is issued by the graphical tool we are using, and we're working on fixing it quickly.

Morgan \o/
By the way, you are using the version 1.6.11, and there is currently a newer version, 1.6.12 (available on the download page).
This version actually fixes a lot of situations when this is happening, so you might want to take a look at it :-)

Morgan \o/
Hello Morgan,

I have downloaded version 1.6.12 of FLSMS and installed it.

The problems with the squeezed panels were solved. Yehey!

Thanks a lot!


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